The Yappening is coming

New Halo event incoming with neat rewards! Starts Sept 6.

The Yappening in previous Halo was all about weird and crazy game types, like MCC had a game that was something like Brute Shots only with 2x explosion radius and low gravity.

I’d share a link to Kevinkoolx video about it, but forum says no YouTube.

I’m curious why we keep getting content like this instead of more serious canon events.

They can sell more cosmetics this way.


You’d think 343 could move that up one week since this coming Monday is a holiday in the US and would give people an extra day to play. Nobody with common sense works there.

At least this is something new that will distract us for a moment when they tell us co-op and forge are delayed.


I think it is interesting that they are settling for selling cosmetics to the few thousand people who are still regularly playing instead of trying to improve their game for the 20 million people who were interested at launch.


They’re out of ideas to expand and build upon the canonical universe.

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Yeah, really does seem like it. I think the reboot was too soft lol.

I’m curious why they didn’t go down the path bungie did, making prequel games and exploring previous things. A game doesn’t have to be a space opera and introduce new baddies to be amazing, as Reach and ODST showed us.

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Oh boy time to be told how to play and what modes to play…


I’m pumped to try out the mohawk, even though I think it might only end up looking ok.

I think I might finally get a chicken looking emblem too, which will be nice since the emblem I’ve used since H3 isn’t in Infinite yet


Fortnite. Fortnite style multiplayer.

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All online games provide temporary gametypes and special events… that you don’t even have to choose if you dislike them.

Fix your frame of view; it’s tilted.


Yeah other online games also have a progression system thats not only based on challenges which indeed force you to play certain modes to complete them.

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You’ll have to pay £200 quid for that classic emblem

Yes, but at the moment the format is basically one semi-serious event, one fractures, and one silly event. That’s a pretty bad skew towards kiddy stuff in a military science fiction game.

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Yeah, sadly you’re right.

Maybe now that the f2p fortnite style thing has lost them so many players, they’ll understand that the fans of a military science fiction game like Halo are just the demographic to push this kinda cartoon stuff on?

They have lost sight of what Halo is and what sort of demographic Halo attracts.

Halo does not attract wild droves of teens anymore, that was back in 2007. Halo attracts people who are looking for a serious sci-fi adventure who want awesome cool gunplay with a sci fi epic creating the universe, similar to how DOOM attracts a certain demographic following of hardened FPS players who seek a thrill.

The moment they lost sight of this with Halo 5, that was the moment Halo truly died. Nothing could stop them from bastardizing the franchise and turning away more players. After all, why play an inferior identity-confused Fortnite/Apex when Fortnite/Apex already exists?




It seems to me like when 343 took over, all artistic oversight was fully overruled by corporate interests. Microsoft saw the success of other games and said “turn our greatest success into a financial success like that.”

Honestly I think they would have done much better if they had gone DEEP on the campaign and graphics, and ignored all the cosmetics and competitive mp stuff. I woulda bought that game for $100, easy.

Man, if only… I’d clear out the event in a day if it happened over the hiliday.

This was a loved event in MCC. Looks to me like they’re doing something the community loved. It’s okay if it’s unrelated to Halo lore.