The Yappening is Awful

I’m basically the maddest I’ve been in a long time after playing a couple of matches.

My teammates are actually brain dead, I would be better off with marine level bots.

I have the worst luck of all time with weapons. I never seem to get anything stronger than a commando, while every enemy has a sniper or rockets.

Tanks are everywhere, which is enraging.

I don’t know if every match is against people from Central America or Australia, but my ping and general server quality are abysmal. I’m getting spawn killed by people who literally don’t have over 1 kd overall in this game.

It is not helpful towards my depressed mood, I tell you that right now. I have to resist the urge to punch walls or myself by the end of any given match.

And the sad thing is, I love fiesta in most halos. But its absolutely unplayable in Infinite for some reason.

Edit: so far I’ve just left more matches than I’ve completed. I refuse to play Skrockets or whatever that stupid gametype is

It’s Team Snipers that sets me off.

I don’t know these maps well enough and I am just getting spanked.

Its total mayhem most of the time. I think ive only won 2/12 matches so far.

Is it only the 10 levels to complete in the 2 weeks? Or will more levels be added next week?

Ten levels over two weeks.

Hum, well that stinks…

You can actually boot up matches by yourself and just try them out just to learn that maps.


This is not a bad strategy to minimize the frustration… if I start to get frustrated I will leave a match. Mental health trumps perfection… good luck man.

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The concept is a good idea but with SBMM and desync ruining everything as usual what should be a fun event is terrible.

Almost like 343i doesn’t test the modes they put out or their games for that matter.

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I’ve been loving it, it is beyond dumb and I’m there for the silliness.

It’s like playing custom games. I don’t really care if I lose or go negative. The funniest part for me is the equipment and campaign weapons, feels like true chaos. Much more fun than regular Fiesta due to the map pickups if your loadout is a bit stinky.

Having the repulsor makes the Skewer/Rockets mode quite fun imo.

Whenever I play BTB my focus is to do dumb, but cool stuff rather than play well. I save the tryhard mentality and playstyle for ranked.

I rarely pickup a BR in BTB even though it’s easy mode.

Big Team Snipers is the worst in my opinion. I have been enjoying Fiesta BTB and skockets, but that was after it took a whole evening of unfun unbalanced matches for BTB SBMM to adjust. I actually played regular Fiesta today and found it underwhelming in comparison to BTB variety. I hope we can get a BTB Fiesta permanently.

I think what they need to do for future events is have a handful of modes we can choose to play from, to try to broaden scope of who can enjoy participating.

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