The Yappening hates me

I’ve been playing for over an hour trying to get this challenge for 25 kills. Normally, something like that would be like 2-4 matches for me. But I just kept getting matches where I’d have like a few kills per game, just doing atrociously and going negative every single match. One match I was even the worst player, out of all 24 people. And then after playing for an hour I finally I got a match where I was doing well, and just when I was about to get the kills I needed to complete the challenge, my game froze and crashed. This has been one of the most demoralizing experiences I have ever had playing Halo.

And then of course, the next match I’m in I’m again the worst person, and only get 2 kills. I know I’m not always the best at Halo, but this is ridiculous.