The Yappening has shown the need for BTB Heavies

Honestly, one thing that the Yappening Fiesta modes have shown me is that standard BTB is a bit too mundane. BTB to me has always had a strong emphasis on vehicular chaos, and that simply just isn’t there in standard BTB in Infinite. However, Fiesta BTB has changed that, and there’s an abundance of rocket Warthogs, Tanks, Banshees, and Wasps to go around.

To me, this has emphasized the need for a Heavies mode in the standard BTB rotation. Scorpions, Wraths, Wasps, and Banshees would be spawning at bases, reduced respawn times for power weapons and vehicles, and possibly BR starts.


100% my friend!

I’d love to see a BTB heavies mode come to Infinite. There were whispers of it a bit ago from some file leaks, but I think the game could really benefit from it.


I am with you minus BR starts.

It would also be nice to get classic BTB Heavies maps like Sandtrap, Valhalla, and Blood Gulch.

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BTB heavies and honestly I would love for BTB to have static weapon and vehicle placements too. The RNG of what weapons are on the map and who gets which vehicle is awful.


Yep, was wondering why I like the mode so much. It feels like heavies.


I would only want to see BTB Heavies in infinite when there are BTB maps that are more vehicle friendly. The BTB maps we have are pretty terrible for vehicles.


I hated Heavies in previous Halo games but I feel like it will work super well in Infinite.

Most definitely the case. Also crying out for the GaussHog to return


BTB heavies is a great game mode and would be even better with the chaos of 12v12 and all the vehicles now in Infinite.

Summon Sandtrap!!!

and like 10 more maps minimum.

This. 343 could do a content drop with these maps (Especially if the leaks of an upcoming remake of Avalanche are coming) remade in Forge, along with new vehicles like the Falcon or Gausshog. Would be cool to see the Splaser return to combat air vehicles though. Skewer and Hydra just ain’t it.