The yappening has made me want something: A weapon upgrade power up

Playing with the variant weapons on Fiesta BTB has made me want them even more, to see them in other modes. Either as a standard on map spawn in some cases or with a new “power up”

“weapon refiner”
info: this utility item will refine a weapon into a variant upgrading the weapon in some way, be it adding lock on to the spanker, or changing the sniper to a heavy DMR.


Ohhhh that sounds interesting. And could really change the pace of how some matches are played. How would it work? Would the weapon have a timer before it reverts to normal?

@Shanesaw9 You might be interested in this.

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that would require testing, but I can see it working 3 ways.

  1. it is a permenant switch meaning once a weapon is swapped it is the variant forever, this means you can’t really get new ammo for the weapons, but means you can use them more tactically, and you have to weigh which weapon to swap and when.

  2. It is for a single reload, forcing a reload animation and giving you a mag/clip/battery with the alt mode, this is a lot more powerful for battery based weapons but weaker for mag based ones.

  3. IT is on a timer, while a weapon is upgraded it uses its alt mode and has infinite ammo, but once the timer is up the weapon is destroyed in a hard light burst leaving you down a gun. This allows the weapons to be power houses and even allows for more powerful ones to be placed but comes at a heavy cost.

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Another option I want to add to yours:

What if it interacted with the spawn pads? Doing this would mean you can only upgrade the weapon at its spawn location. Upgrading tier-3 weapons would be especially hard since those have HUD timers that everyone can see.

Would this apply to equipment to get the Campaign spartan core upgrades?

Lemme pack-a-punch my sidekick to turn into a magnum yes

Upgrade the Sentinal Beam and kill people in .05 seconds lol.

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0.25 actually but close enough sadly it goes through its 80 ammo in .30

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Unreal Tournament had powerups like Berserker and UDamage which amplified fire rate, damage etc.

I think this would work best just like that, a timed power up that players will fight over for control. It could be in the same category as Active Camo and Overshield. I like it, I think it’s a unique way to get variants into multiplayer without overcomplicating map design by specifically putting certain variants in the map. This gives player’s the freedom to upgrade any weapon of their choosing.

I think it’s a great idea.

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that and all of this would give a good map control objective because lets say you want the improved needler on a map, you need both the needler and the ability to get the power up. making map control more important in a 4v4.

In BtB well as the yappening is showing people barely notice the higher power weapons until they wipe a squad.

Though there needs to be a visual fix for them to allways keep that yellow line to distiquish them at least on teh UNSC ones.