The XP system needs revisions

The XP system in infinite needs tweaking because it does not reward consistent play and the 2xp tokens don’t have a great fluid fit.

Pros of the current system:
-Plenty of challenges to keep people busy on the day to day.
-Challenges are fairly easy to complete with swap options in place
-Pick your battle pass option and reduced FOMO (love you guys for this)

-XP boosts incentivize prioritizing a challenge rather than working with one’s team. If you don’t complete a challenge, you get nothing.
-There’s no reward for performance or simply just playing the game.
-There is no incentive to play once a battle pass is completed.

I think the MCC’s system is a great start, but there needs be more opportunities to unlock items rather than 12 per week. There should be a combination of getting unlocks for leveling up with XP with bonus XP issued for completing certain challenges. The “level up” amount should be a fixed amount for each level so every 3-7 games, depending on performance, you are getting an unlock.

With something like this:

  1. Challenges will help people level up faster and draw engagement for certain game types, while continually rewarding people who can’t complete challenges
  2. Allow for progression points once a battle pass is completed, so people can build points for the next pass.
  3. 2xp passes would be able to be used more consistently.