The Worst Warzone Team

Just left a game of Warzone where I was stuck with teammates that had the brain capacity of a slug. We were playing on Battle of Noctus and after we secured home base the people that weren’t afk rushed the Monument. Nobody other than me even made an attempt to capture the garage closest to us and when I got there I was greeted by 2 enemy Spartans and died. The enemy then had control of every single base and my non-afk teammates kept trying to capture the monument instead of taking one of the garages so that our core wasn’t constantly vulnerable. It should go without saying that that game was a slaughter and I don’t think any of my teammates were playing the objective at all since no one would go after bosses unless if they were literally standing in front of them. If you want to mindlessly kill people then play Slayer and if aiming isn’t your thing(only one other person had more than 10 kills) then go play CoD so that you can just spray and get 5+ kills in a row.

//rant over//

Worst? I lost a game 90 something to 1000.

I’ve had two games where my mindless team was being slaughtered like animals by the other team’s vehicles. I’m pretty sure both games I was the only one who tried to get a base and not just run out of home base and get turned into swiss cheese.

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> Worst? I lost a game 90 something to 1000.

My team lost 1000 to 45. Less than 6 minutes I believe on Noctus.

I love how you’re telling an everyday story here. XD

This happens ALL THE TIME… :stuck_out_tongue:

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> > 2533274847364210;2:
> > Worst? I lost a game 90 something to 1000.
> My team lost 1000 to 45. Less than 6 minutes I believe on Noctus.

God. Damn. My condolences.

Some of you definitely lost to me and my squad, we’re on a 130 game win streak.
Yes, I said 130 wins in a row… lol but OP, that was me to when the game 1st came out.

All I did was play by myself - biggest mistake ever.
Find yourself a squad my boy.

Join a spartan company, play with a full fireteam, then maybe you can transition from a whiny pleb to an okay player…

I had a team that lost all three bases on Nocturnus in under three minutes. Needless to say, I stopped being part of that team straight away.

Ha, I beat some guys 1000-8. Be happy with what you got.

You can youtube a match that went 1000 to 1.

Welcome to my world, I left 5 games in a row due to Clueless teammates

Its become a lot more common that I see players jumping into Warzone matches that really want to just piss around like there playing a private match.

Lol you think thats bad? I played a game of Warzone Assault (which I think is totally underrated) and didnt even get to L3 REQs before the game was over! Literally they had destroyed our core within about 2-3 min. Either the other team was made up of purely professionals, or my team was nothing but of first time gamers. It was bbbaaaaaadddd! lol

I Normally play Arena but when i play warzone i get lost a bit and like Arena there are no mics on the team. I think its most people on Xbox one in general, even other games you don’t get many mics. In fifa16 and COD you do get mics. Surprisingly the game that requires the most communication (halo) has no mics.

That really does suck. Hopefully that will be something that doesn’t happen too often. I have also seen a lot of people just running around clueless and doing the same thing, trying to capture the same base regardless of how the game is going. I’ve had some best games where I end up with a few (maybe 5?) players seeming to have the same tactics, like having our team lose all 3 bases and then while the whole (or seemed like) opposing team go for our home base, a faction of our players easily overtake 2 of their bases and then eventually win the game!

Take some of the advice of the other wise gamers here and maybe link with some other players through friending players who you see in games that seem to know how to play or join a good clan.

Good luck and aim for the head!

Been there, got beat 117 to 1000. Hate it when that happens, really not much fun.

I one played a match where we went 1000 vs 0. lol Wish I knew how to record gameplay to post it on YouTube.