The worst update ever

After 3 week where 343 was a ghost now this update. They “tryyyy”to FIX big team battle when there is 1000 problem like :
2)where is my ranked slayer ? Ranked swat? Ranked sniper etc?
3) where is new map!! DAMn WE play on 3 map!!!

This game is dead … people are leaving this game .


Hey there friend! May I interest you in MCC where all the cool kids are currently playing? We have tons more content there.

And it only costs slightly more than 1 Bundle! Come join us! It’s hella cool here!


“ That’s not to say issues like cheating or wonkiness with the ranked experience aren’t important, but they have other dependencies and are on a bit longer timeline”

That part didn’t rub me the right way…


I mean, they said right there in the text that they’re getting a roadmap together but need more time to get the information correct.


Translation: our game is way more jacked than we thought so we actually have no earthly idea what things look like now.


Pretty much, and it was like that before release too

I gave up on Infinite. I mean, I’ll still do Fractures and Events, but people in the forums convinced me to go try playing Destiny 2, and I don’t regret it. I’ll pop in for Events, but Infinite is looking like it will take years to be actually good, like MCC. Forge might bring me back, but I’m not playing another 500 matches on these same few maps and modes for 6 more months. Not a chance.


For a 10 year game that has been in development for over 5 years.
Wake up man.
Stop making excuses…how does the 10 year game not have a roadmap already lol.
Come on man.


Woah there buster, tickle the brakes.

I’m very awake, much to my chagrin, and I’m not covering anyone’s rear with my post. They asked where the roadmap is, and I pointed it out.

I don’t disagree in the slightest that they should have a roadmap already. As a matter of fact, they should’ve gotten their crap together half a decade ago. The game’s development and the title we have now was the byproduct of poor leadership and infighting.

I made no excuses and will not come over there. They don’t have a roadmap because they’re behind and just came off of their break, and that’s where we’re at.


You keep breathing life into this game just by talking angry ‘bout it.
-Yoink!-, this game is not dead.
Yeah, the update post could be improved, but it’s 343I handling a masterpiece.
So things are obviously not easy. Chill dude.


There hasn’t been a ‘10 year game’ thats made it clear it actually has a plan for those 10 years.

Its just marketing buzz speak.


Yeah, unfortunately infinite is gonna get the axe from my Xbox after that “Update”. I might even just get rid of all my Halo stuff and just let the memories suffice. There’s no point in pumping time that I could spend doing other stuff into a franchise that’s just been letting me down for far too long at this point. Oh well. We gave them numerous chances.


Yeah, like how Destiny 1 literally had a ten year plan and not a few years later they drop destiny 2, which is just Destiny one but with flare.


The fact that they launched a live service game without a roadmap ready for the first year is indicative of a major problem with planning and direction.

There should have already been a plan in place for 2022, and we’re hearing now that they’re putting one together and it’ll take some time.

This just isn’t acceptable.


Those aren’t immediate problems, that’s why… They’re focusing on fixing on a play list that barely works for anyone now, which is an immediate problem.

Be patient foo lol


There would be no issue with crossplay if there was a general input option. It’s easier to beat controller mods then it is M&KB aimbot/walls.

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Either my reading comprehension lacks (possible), or did they really announce that they won’t fix anything until mid Febuary, except BTB (perhaps™)?

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1 bundle for about 20x the content, that’s a good deal! MCC is way better than Infinite anyway.

Infinite is so far from a Masterpiece it’s not even funny.


Don’t kill off all your Halo stuff because of 1 bad game, go back to MCC, I guarantee you’ll start enjoying Halo more if you do.