The worst game mode in existance (SEASON 2)

Imagine having to wait 5+ minutes to get credit for a match. 343 has made an incredible event experience by intentionally making an event mode that gives you limited lives (which is fine) and points give you weapon progression (which is also fine) (even though the weapons selection for this game mode is kinda iffy (skill issue)(<---- also fine) and makes you wait X + minutes just to claim credit for a match that you may have been eliminated early in (THIS IS NOT OK AT ALL WHATSOEVER). They are literally FORCING us to play their game just to PROGRESS in their new event the they introduced in their season 2 update. 343 knows that you cant get credit for a game unless you complete the match and yet the still proceeded to make a game mode that EXPLOITS that fact and is mandatory to play if you want to progress in the event. I don’t understand 343s thought process when they were making this game mode and am incredibly disappointed that they thought that the decision to make this game mode was ok. If this is what can be expected of FUTURE FREE CONTENT then i fear for whats to come from future updates. This is not a good look for 343, especially since season 2 just dropped.

If you leave early due to being eliminated, some challenges only update once the game finishes. You don’t have to wait until the end before leaving:

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