The Wolf Battalion is Recruiting

Want to join a loyal, active, and professional clan? The Wolf Battalion is recruiting. We are a clan that started in Halo Reach and continued the legacy to Halo 5 Guardians. We have active members, a group chat, and will recruit anyone. K/D doesn’t mean anything to us. Message myself (BSAA LT Foxtrot) or click the blue link below and join there. We DO NOT discriminate, we accept everyone, For communications English ONLY. Mics would be nice, but if you don’t have one that’s fine.
Click to Join here: The Wolf Battalion
(Note: We are a XBOX ONE CLAN)
(Note: We Go Hard at Community Action Sack)
Leaders of TWB:
A Magical Llama (WLF1)
BSAA LT Foxtrot (WLF2)
LiLhAnKsTeR (WLF3)
Lieutenants of TWB:
Kylekillar (WLF4)
Phodg10 (WLF0)
Members of TWB:
BlackXCroba (WLF6)
(WLF# Numbers symbolize the Original members of TWB)