The weekly ultimate suuuuuucks

The Weekly Ultimate Challenge is the same for everybody, right?

It really sucks. I hope you liked playing Fiesta over and over and over and over and over for the event, because you’ll have to do it some more for the ultimate :neutral_face:

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It honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be here’s a tip for anyone have trouble with the ultimate find a good camping spot and pray for rockets sword or grav hammer that’s what I did and it didn’t take to terribly long to get my 5 sprees so now I can just chill and wreck some bots for the rest of the week lol


Yeah it sucks, it’s pretty much dependent on luck because all it takes is somebody to spawn in with a rocket launcher and spam your position.

What’s the challenge? I can’t see it yet. 5 sprees in fiesta playlist doesn’t sound that hard.

Depends tbh. I have been playing some pretty high level opponents and people are hard enough to kill even with power weapons with their strategy, movement and weapon skill.

I played with my friend who is not very good and it was insanely easy. I imagine some players may be able to camp, but it becomes a lot harder when players are more careful with their movement and hoard the power weapons. I got a few sprees but it took ages and very deliberate and slow gameplay and luck until I was playing with my friend and then it was super easy.

Didn’t realise how brutal the sbmm was until playing with my friend. The average skill level dropped an insane amount.

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I got it too and it didn’t take me that long, I think 7 games. It’s just irritating being force MD to play the same thing over and over again. Fiesta is an okay diversion once in a long while, I did not enjoy having to play it so many times today. It’s random and boring.

I suppose the one positive thing you can say about this Weekly Ultimate is that it didn’t cause people to play in detrimental ways for their team in order to chase the challenge.

It has actually made me play better lol, I normally rush around and get stomped like the noob I am but this challenge is making me slow down and be more tactical to survive more

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