The weekly ultimate reward (Seriously?)

It’s the same coating as rank 64 in the Season 2 battlepass? Just for a different vehicle? It’s the Sacrifice and Driving Offensively emblem situation all over again. It might be a safe bet to assume this Skin will be the ultimate reward for the next few weeks until we unlock it for each individual vehicle.
Whatever 343, you do you I guess. To hell with your fan base.


That’s the second time that’s happened this season.


Haven’t explored the battlepass rewards (I don’t like the new core, so i haven’t put much effort into it lol), but by the leaks it looks that this situation shouldn’t be happening in the nexts weeks(?) it’s just that most of the rewards aren’t “willow tea” level of good.

(I wanted to post the link to the whole weekly rewards leak image, but it seems it’s not possible. You can search it up in the Twitter of @DeltaNewsx)

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I’ve been flagged for posting links to that feed.

The rewards definitely get better.