The Weekly (ULTIMATE) Challenge is Uncompletable

Im in Australia and i am unable to complete the weekly ultimate challenges because theres no ranked games available in Australia. Searching for over an hour will not find a game. I am not the only one in aus having this issue either.


Isn’t the weekly challenge to play Last Spartan Standing?

Think they just means one of their challenges.

Sure they could use a challenge skip, but they shouldn’t have to.


this is one of the reasons why ‘forcing’ people into unpopular playlists if they want to complete challenges is realy bad.

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Ah yes, that makes sense. And I definitely agree they shouldn’t have to. The challenge system actually makes me play the game less than I would if it wasn’t there.

But that is what the shop is for my dude!
You get bad challenges so you can buy challenge swaps in the shop so you can get another bad challenge and swap it over and over again.

This is why no challenges should be specific playlists challenges. Any time i get a “play 2 oddball matches” i just swap it out cause im lucky if i get 1 oddball match after searching/playing through 6-7 other games. If i dont have any challenge swaps, i just dont even worry about the weekly challenge.


It’s been said before, ITT and others but I’ll say it again to hammer the message home to 343i. They put in challenges that are intentionally tedious/nigh impossible in order to sell more swaps. It’s predatory as [naughty word beginning with f and ending with uck] and I’m glad the usual Halo “influencers” have finally stopped deep throating number company and are starting to call them out. Shame they weren’t like this back when the “”“beta”"" dropped in November, we might have actually made some decent progress by now.

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Can you not change your region, use a vpn or something.