The weekly halo bulletin?

Isn’t it supposed to come out every wednesday? Or is it on thursdays… either way it seems that its pushed back almost every time.

I really hope there isn’t another embargo…

is it just me or is it pushed back every week?

It’s every Wednesday, 343 is located in the PST timezone, so it’s still 7pm where they(and I) live. And technically they have until 2am PST time to post a bulletin, because that is when the servers update(they are set to Alaskan Time).

*Edit, found it:

> *Edit, found it:

So Crimson DLC playlist stays, amirite?

bulletin sucked, disappointed to say the least.

^ not really, learned a couple things from the interview. Glad to know that competitives have something to look forward to next year.

> > *Edit, found it:
> So Crimson DLC playlist stays, amirite?

I assume so, I don’t any information regarding Halo except some information…

> To get to our preferred number of playlists, we will be removing Team Slayer Pro on Monday. We plan to bring it back next year, after we have time to fine-tune it and make it a more optimal competitive experience. We’ll talk more about that when the time gets closer – and that goes for Double Team, Grifball, the addition of more small maps into Matchmaking and the other things we have planned for early 2013 as well.

So it looks like they are replacing Team Slayer Pro with the MLG playlist and also working on DT, Grifball and more small maps for MP. Oh and they mentioned they are working on File Share but there is still no ETA for it.

What a crap bulletin, I could care less about the interview and the company’s employees taking a vacation, it’s worthless information.