The Weekly Challenge Set should stay available

Apex Legends has weekly challenges that stack up to be a ton of challenges available throughout the battle pass season. So if you start playing on week 4, weeks 1-4 are all available. This would also remove the “FOMO” of the Ultimate items. People would still have to complete all the challenges to get each Ultimate Reward, but then people don’t need to play so much each week.

This week’s “Win 17 matches” is quite a lot of time sink if you don’t have a couple friends to group up in quick play/arena.



I really object to FOMO in games and the weekly capstone reward is currently the only FOMO in the game.

This suggestion would help a lot.

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Correct, aside from the rotating shop which also needs to go

I have a feeling that the Capstones will rotate after some time, with the ones previously completed being replaced with added XP or hopefully a new cosmetic reward.

Or they will just throw it up in a store bundle at the end of the season.

What I’ve been asking for is a two part system:
If you played at all during the week of the challenge, it is unlocked at the end of the week to attempt whenever, even if you didn’t complete challenges.
If not, you can purchase the challenge for 100 credits.

I like the idea to keep challenges in the list until you finished them. Or maybe with a time limit of 1 month. If you dont complete a challenge within a month you will never complete it.

Another point is, that you had the chance to do weekly challenges when you are back from holidays. With the actual system, if you go 2 weeks in holiday, you lose the possibility to unlock some of the exclusive content.

Yeah, my idea extends to the end of the season, IMO. If you don’t complete the week 1 challenges by the end of a 3-6 month season, that’s on you lol