The weekly challenge grind is sucking alot of the fun out of the game for me

These weekly challenges are killing the game for me. One of the few ways that free players can obtain any cosmetics is to do them, but it feels like 343 has purposefully made them as hard as possible:

  • Get X kills with a weapon. Must wait until you get a map with that weapon spawn.

  • Do something in X Gamemode. Must wait to get a match on said gamemode since there is no separate objective and Slayer playlists, nor is there a way to click on a weekly challenge and automatically get a match on the right gametype or map that you need for said challenge.

  • Destroy a tank or flying vehicle. Good luck, these rarely spawn in BTB so you basically get one shot per match, while competing with teammates for the kill.

  • Get a Dogfight medal. Good luck, most enemy pilots bail out before the vehicle is destroyed.

  • Get X wins. Suddenly the game gives you nothing but bad teammates and good opponents.

  • Can’t quit until you get the right game mode and map, or else you get banned.

The whole thing is super frustrating. You shouldn’t need to grind out like 25 hours a week trying to unlock a single cosmetic item. Even Halo 5 did it better, you could get quite alot of cosmetics from the req pack lootboxes in the amount of time it takes to unlock a single weekly challenge cosmetic in Infinite.


And when you do finally unlock the weekly you’re stuck with no challenges til next week. Isn’t it great? Not!


Only 3 Event Challenges appeared to me, and now I can’t do more because I’m stuck with some normal challenges.


Yeah, only having 3 challenge slots at a time is the worst part for me. Why not let us work on all weekly challenges at once?


Play something else kid


BTB sucks, not sure why they haven’t listen from when we told them when flight 2 and 3 came out. BTB need Air and Tank Vehicles at the start of the game. Afterwards just do the normal vehicle drops.
We should at the very least get two attempts with tank and three with Banshee or Wasp.

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How about you leave, stop being toxic. He’s giving reasonable feedback.


I agree. For weapon challenges if it wanted kills with a class of weapon it would be less restricting.
the x gamemode challenges shouldnt be around as long as selecting those modes isnt an option. Matches in a playlist would be ok. Again with vehicles if it wasnt for one specific vehicle it would be better. Wins can suffer with randoms but arent as bad for me

I support this we should be able to work on whatever weekly challenge whenever. At the very least get to choose our challenge swap. Otherwise removed challenge swap out of the game and give me in game credits instead.
At least if you gave credits away the prices would start to make more sense.

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imo challenge swaps inherently suggest there are challenges that most player will suffer when attempting which isnt good. For now maybe one free weekly challenge swap that only applies to challenges that week would be good

Sounds like you should probably play something else. Literally no one is on your side and at this point you’re just making yourself look like a Boomer who gets upset when anyone has a different opinion.


I can understand not allowing ranked game mode selection but in BTB and QuickPlay the people get a choice.
Also where is infection, we need it in BTB.

That’s whack! Event challenges should have their own section!!!


I mean they clearly have the voice lines and graphics for infection so im not sure when they will drop it

Yeah must say I think there’s a few too many challenges for those of us who don’t have time to play regularly for a few hours a day throughout the week. I have a 9-5 ffs. Not only that but the random aspect of whether you’ll actually get a flag, oddball etc game show up in matchmaking adds to the frustration. At least with the fiesta challenges you know it’s a guaranteed game when you play that setlist.

How about he plays something else?

It is difficult not to think the challenges are intentionally garbage to perpetuate the continual purchase and use of challenge swaps. Even if you do not care about cosmetics, you are forced to suffer the consequences of this design decision via the likely very intentional lack of playlist gametype selection.

All I can hope is they change course on this, otherwise the game will be dead sooner rather than later. At this point I will be dropping MP entirely once campaign drops and then see how things look after I am done with a legendary playthrough.

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I’m guessing they are saving the stuff that was datamined but isn’t currently in the game, like the 3 missing maps and infection, for the full launch on December 8th. I hope that is the case at least.

Thats what im hoping. and even if it isnt by then as long as when they do release it they do a good job I wont be too bothered

Speaking of the event lol…can only unlock 7 tiers for week 1…2 of which are challenge swaps and 2 of which are xp grants…WHAT. A. JOKE. LOLOLOL

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