The Weapons Company is now Recruiting!

Clan Name: WEPC - Weapons company

Points Of Interest: : We usually play breakout game modes as well as swat we are starting out as a group of friends and are hoping to add more to the group as we continue on. We are hoping to expand our game type genre and have teams for each one some teams for grinding out ranks and climbing the leader boards and a few for just having fun with a group of friends instead of randoms.

Requirements: The only requirements we have are that you have a working mic preferably not a kinetic mic, as well as experience in the game. You must also be at least 16 years of age to join and be a consistent player(be active).Contact info: message me on Xbox One @ WoE PaniX , you can just say that you want to join the company and ill get everything sorted out so that can happen

Thank you.

P.S. Right now we only have 2 members we will have about 5 more of my friends joining later tonight when they are all done work. If you are interested leave your info below. Plus anything else we should know about you. Thanks again!

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You should add a link to your company like this.
SEAL Team 10

Good Luck Man,
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