The weapon tuning test suck! BR was better before!

I’m the only one who thinks that the BR is really bad in weapon tuning test playlist? I’m getting the 4 shots and i don’t getting the perfect kill! Plus it like not shooting at all! Before was way better!

The railgun is bad too but the BR is more important! Please don’t change any weapon! They are good as they are now!

It’s not bad, it’s different. Myself and my friend played 11 matches yesterday and we still saw perfect kills happening. The weapon was too good before at all ranges. Now it’s ok up close, good at mid range, and meh at long range. The way it should be. Before, it was way too good (and why BR starts weren’t a thing across every playlist - they were insanely good).

I gotta say I prefer this br, it actually requires skill now whereas before it was just so easy to use and matches got boring and bland because it’s all people used when they have a sandbox to play with.

Feel free to leave any constructive feedback on weapon tuning in the dedicated thread pinned at the top of these forums