The Weapon + Joyous

On 7/12/2021 I made a post detailing a theory I have for Halo Infinite’s campaign, and how it can relate to Marathon Infinity’s plot as well.

A bit late to the party but I finally got a copy of Halo: Tales from Slipspace. I ordered it in preparation of Halo Infinite as I wanted to read the passage titled Dominion Splinter, which details Cortana’s survival at the end of Halo 4 and her access to the Domain.

I was blown away, especially after having written the theory above without any prior knowledge of Dominion Splinter. In the passage, one Cortana fragment converses and distracts the Warden while the other five gain access to the Domain. At that point Cortana (assuming all 6 fragments have combined?) gains control of the Domain and the (now) Warden Eternal. There are two big takeaways for me here, though the first has been known:

  • The Cortana we see at the very end of Halo 4 was just a fragment, not the full Cortana (“Most of me is down there.”) I assume all Cortana fragments have some/most of each other’s memories, and until this point I hadn’t made the connection of her death scene compared to her return in Halo 5. So perhaps in a real sense Cortana is dead, but it is some of her fragments that have lived on (probably the less morally inclined fragments, ends justifying the means like Dr. Halsey and the Spartan II program) which have gained control of the Domain. - These final words from Cortana. Formatted exactly as the book: "I will command you. And I will do great good. I am Cortana, of the same steel and temper as Durandal. I am unbreakable. And I will become something luminous. Something Joyous."The capitalization of Joyous has lead me to the conclusion the Cortana we faced in Halo 5 is really an entity now known as Joyous, which is the combination of 6 rampant fragments of Cortana. I knew of Joyeous prior to this, but had no idea there was a direct reference to it in Halo now, which changes and reinforces a lot of things.

The theory is that The Weapon will absorb Joyous and by the end and we will have Cortana back, or something along those lines. I need to put more thought into it now but wanted to share this here.

There are three main swords in the Bungie/AI reference list.

  • Durandal is the sword of Roland, a legendary paladin and partially historical officer of Charlemagne in French epic literature. - Cortana, also known as the Sword of Mercy, is a ceremonial sword used at the coronation of British kings and queens. Inscribed on the blade is, “I am Cortana, of the same steel and temper as Joyeuse and Durendal. The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” - Joyeuse was, in medieval legend, the sword wielded by Charlemagne as his personal weapon.Looking forward to learning more this holiday!

Dang that was alot to process well done thank you for the info. :o

Nice peek into some I didn’t really know the depth about.
I wonder if some kind of Forerunner weapon (at what scale we don’t know) that Cortana will control or become, and who is Charlemagne in this reference? Is Chief or is humanity?
More questions and things to be discovered in the coming game(s) for sure.