The weapon is the best part of halo infinite

And if you don’t agree 1v1 guardian BR start to 15
Or state your incorrect counter argument below.


I really did enjoy her and her dynamic with chief in the campaign. I just hate her design. Something’s off about her haha.

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Didn’t dig the shoes either huh? Don’t be embarrassed

I’m totally just joking btw

Lmaooo. Her outfit was fine. Her face is off though. Something dead about her eyes or nose… like she’s staring blankly right through you haha

I thought it might have been the teeth but her expressions were pretty good, so maybe you’re right. But I did notice something.

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At times her face was really good but then other times very very bad…like Kingdom Hearts 3 face model bad.

Also could’ve went with less…overly happy, go lucky, overly child innocent attitude and more serious intelligent vibe like Cortana. Cortana had the sass, weapon didn’t need that though.

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I didn’t like how they made her appear naïve and innocent, but also some how overly confident and egotistical.

The Pilot says something like: “Why does everyone want to kill you…!?” and The Weapon says something like: “Yeah, I think he’s right… why is that?” I cringed at this moment. Of course they are trying to kill you! You are all the enemy!

I just couldn’t connect with the characters in Infinite. Even the villains were all purposely flawed by the writers to give Master Chief the upper hand and I don’t dig that predictable, fairytale stuff.

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I kind of wish she would just stop talking in my ear about how “You are the one who gives these people hope Chief!” every time I helped a group of marines. It kind of got old after the first couple of times, especially when the marines themselves would run up, thank, and follow me on top of that.

Outside of that I liked her more than I originally thought I would, though as @ReturninWarrior mentioned I also wish she had a bit more of a ‘serious intelligent’ vibe at times. Maybe she’ll grow into that as time goes on.

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I applaud Jen Taylor for being able to create three distinct characters with just her voice, but the Weapon is just the worst.


I know this is really random, but has anyone seen the movie Beerfest? What they did to Cortana is like what they do to a character in that movie named Phil. Phil dies in the movie and then his twin brother ‘Gil’ comes out of no where and says: “Hey guys! I’m so similar to Phil and he told me soo much about you guys, it’s almost like we know each other already!” This is similar to what they did to Cortana with The Weapon. They just expected us to accept her and move on like nothing ever happened. And although the movie Beerfest did it intentionally as a joke for a comedy, Infinite did it because 343 was backed up against a wall and had no idea what to do in their story.

I see we need to schedule some 1v1s