The weak story behind the lone wolves event

When the animation played this week, we saw the Eklund thank us for what we did (play a series of simulations to trick a AI into moving to a databank) while single firing a rapid fire rifle for some reason.
She then wants to see how skilled we are at working alone (by playing a series of simulations)
It got me thinking about the plot issues with this seasons story, or the lack of it.

  1. The banished made an AI, we know the covenant used them, and the banished raided unsc and covenant alike, it was a matter of time before they scavenged AI’s or the tech to make them.
  2. The fleet yards on camber, somethings there, just something, not important enough for a cutscene.

I was excited for the story in the first part of the season, it showed promise, but its grinded to a halt, I hope it picks up again.

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They just don’t have enough people working on the game to make anything worth watching. It seems like EVERYONE is working campaign co-op.

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