The WCT armor coating isn't out yet right?

Is it available to wear?
Just curious.

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I’ve still not received mine, I haven’t heard of anyone who has


I don’t have the WCT armor coating or vehicle coating. All I apparently have is the Perfect Detail weapon coating, which I don’t even remember redeeming a code for. I think 343 goofed up.

I have the WCT weapon coating for the AR. It is purple and white and I love it.

Big shout out to the user on the waypoint forums who gave out like 7 of them to a bunch of us.

There is no armor coating currently the one-sized figure gives you the ar and the other size gives you an emblem.

The armor coating comes from the larger figures, and the vehicle coating comes from the energy sword. When you redeem them, they say “WCT armor coating” and “WCT vehicle coating”. Neither are appearing in the game.

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I have purchased every single promotion in Infin I bought all those toys the 6inch and 3.75inch the sources I have seen state otherwise but if there is an armor coating I guess we will have to wait and see. I’m just stating what I have heard.

When I redeemed my code it said : WCT armor coating.

I’m assuming at or after launch right?

Legend, how much all that cost? Would you happen to have a few extra?

Tbh I don’t on how much I can say cost-wise definitely more than the battle pass and campaign combined. I, unfortunately, don’t, though there are still some promotions going on. The majority of the promotions are no longer going on since those promotions were done last year.

I’m just stating what it says in my redeem history, but here’s an image if you don’t believe me

Add an h to https


Not my image, but many people redeemed WCT Armor and Vehicle coatings and don’t see them in game. I messaged Waypoint support about it and they replied they don’t have a fix at the moment

Your link is broken… Also as I said will just have to wait and see

The whole thing is the link, and add an h to the https part. 343 should really just let Trust Rank 2 forum members post links, if they’re going to ruin the old forums with Vanilla instead.

I redeemed a few codes from some promotions almost a year ago and while I don’t remember exactly what they were I’m positive they’re not showing up.

I added the h to the link it says page is unavailable

Then just Google “WCT Armor Coating” and you’ll see a lot of results. Idk why the link doesn’t work for you. Lots of people have the same question, where are their WCT coatings and iirc Monster coatings too

I already have and based on my purchase history I bought a figure that was supposed to award that as well based on the description of the item. I also will say this I submitted a ticket about a week ago and a member replied back saying there was no fix yet and that they would contact me again. This also doesn’t help that you can’t view your entire redeem history

That’s exactly my problem. I redeemed WCT Armor Coating and WCT Vehicle Coating, but I have Perfect Detail AR Coating when I don’t remember redeeming it. People also had gotten the Rockstar Razorback Coating instead of the Rockstar Warthog Coating for the first 3 days, but that got fixed. Idk why WCT Coatings aren’t fixed yet.

The ar skin is either from the roleplay sword or one of the 6inch figures. I don’t remember what gave you the WCT vehicle coating