The way to improve parity between KB/M and Controller is to follow the example of Splitgate's hitboxes

Ask any Onyx- or pro-player and you’ll hear the same refrain: Controller is strictly better in Halo than mouse and keyboard, thanks to aim-assist. However, players like snip3down believe that you can’t and shouldn’t tweak aim-assist on controller ( – and I agree with that.

So if the community/343 wants improved parity between KB/M and controller aim-assist, something needs to change on side of the mouse-users. Forced sensitivity slowdown like in the test flight, bullet magnetism or “aim-assist on mouse” would also be the wrong solution for obvious reasons.

So the only way I see out of this dilemma (unless you want to keep the imbalance), is to increase the hitbox of the chest (and nothing else) - perhaps (if technologically possible) only when using the mouse and only at the ranges at which aim-assist would work for any weapon. This would in practice and effectively ‘reverse engineer’ the benefits of bullet magnetism, without actually adding bullet magnetism.

This would directly address the biggest source of imbalance, namely inconsistencies you have with the mouse when aiming at the chest at optimal range compared to the consistency of aim-assist on controller. Bigger hitboxes would barely matter on controller, if at all, since the aim-assist keeps center-mass in your crosshairs anyway.

I don’t have data to back this up, but I have a strong suspicion that that’s the reason why Splitgate has these big hitboxes, and why it has such a healthy balance between KB/M and controller users. In comparison, Halo with its shield mechanic could make even better use of that design philosophy by limiting the hitbox increase to the chest only, so that no input method has an unfair advantage for those deadly headshots.

The reason why there’s a healthy balance of controller and Kb/m users is because splitgate wasn’t a console only title for 20 years.

At least that’s what I think. This hitbox theory seems a bit on the far-fetched side.


Halo 4 has a lot of magnetism and it’s hard to miss shots on it. I like where the aiming is at in Infinite.

In terms of mouse, when I played on my fresh account my accuracy was borderline the same on both input types. I play really low sensitivity. Genuinely feel like most mouse players are moving way too fast to aim properly.

Aiming is easy on mouse when you play low sens. There are obviously less mouse players that have the same experience level as controller players too.

I’m a low sens player in Halo, and I’m in reddit/Discord communities where I talk regularly with aiming pros and people like KovaaK, I personally or indirectly talked to what must be half of the pro players in Splitgate. So I’m inexperienced with this stuff.

Good mouse players can keep up with decent controller players, but there is a stark difference even in statistics, if you look at the median accuracy

There’s a 16.4% difference in accuracy between Top 100 KBM & Controller players, and 12.3% between 50th Percentile KBM & Controller players. (I’d link to the data but I’m not allowed to per the rules of this forum)

And the reason is not that Halo has been played for 20 years with controller - because aim statistics aren’t the result of ‘culture’, but of mechanics and how design choices influence the mechanics. The aim-assist on controller I don’t have an issue with, but even the best mouse players are necessarily less consistent because they don’t have a game mechanic that artificially helps their consistency.

Bigger chest hitboxes would aid with consistency for mouse players across the board and therefore help to bridge that gap, without making controller players worse or put them at a disadvantage in return.

But surely there is an important link between accuracy and sensitivity. My accuracy gets worse the higher sensitivity I play on.

I’d be surprised if the average sensitivity on controller isn’t lower than kbm users.

Right, but when I pick up the controller after god knows how many years to play Halo, I have around the same or better accuracy stats than on the mouse, which I’ve used to play multiple games at high ranks for decades. Not to mention that Perfect medals are much easier on controller, too, regardless of sensitivity.

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I have similar accuracy on my second account with little experience on mouse, so wouldn’t that mean they probably are somewhat balanced? It’s never gonna be perfect and there are kbm players who can hang at the top.

Believe it was less than 2% difference with similar headshot %.

Same thing happened to me on Splitgate but my accuracy actually improved with some weapons.

I’m getting more practiced with mouse, but I just don’t see the big discrepancy when I’m playing.

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I think bigger chest hitboxes introduce more issues than they might solve - I am a K&M player and I definitely agree there needs to be balancing, but I think the tight hitboxes are better than bigger ones. Big hitboxes + desync means a lot more opportunity to be shot around corners, and with bloom + bullet magnetism + AA, I think you still end up in the same spot where controller is more consistent. IMO, I’d rather see a buff to bullet magnetism on K&M (currently, it seems to not be even between the two inputs based on the tests other users have done videos on), and perhaps a very slight, small percentage nerf to the stickiness of AA. If the tests others have done are accurate, and BM is lowered on K&M, I tend to prefer lincreasing that in order to make it more even - it would remove some of the tendency to sail rounds between opponent’s legs and through their armpits.

Yeah. I’d rather have hitboxes that match the body. You know? Let magnetism handle all the bullet bending and whatnot.

Whether you want to go with bullet magnetism or bigger hitboxes, the net result will be pretty much the same. I don’t think there will be a major difference in practice, I just think bigger hitboxes both sound and look ‘fairer,’ but in the end you’re still given some leeway when it comes to your aim.

Either way, I don’t think getting shot around corners would be a huge issue, at least if you keep the change to the upper body only. Even an entire burst of the BR can hit your unshielded body ‘unfairly’ and you’ll live.

If they can achieve the same goal, I think doing it via a tunable (BM) makes more sense to me - it’s a tunable value for a reason, that’s already part of the current balancing mechanisms already employed, whereas hitboxes are generally a more static thing. IMO, anyway.

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