The way that 343 is supporting this game is awful; my feedback

First of all sorry for my broke english

I’ve played the mp since day one and the bugs and issues I’ve seen in that period are still happening

I wanted to share my experience with you guys

•Personal AI and Spartan voice are being randomly chosen between the matches, so if you have payed for that battle pass AI, well… I sorry for you but 60% of your matches will be with BUTLR AI, shame on you

•You don’t live on US? Hahaha the game doesn’t care bc you be throw on NA server, f*ck you ping

•You don’t like playing on keyboard and mouse? Yup, that’s a shame bc the matchmaking don’t care and you’ll be matched with KM players

•Trying to join a match? Well you should try a few couple of time bc it doesn’t work in the first attempt

And there’s more annoying that, like we said in my county, estamos carecas de saber


Play on xbox app. More aim assist on controller. :flushed:

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