The way rank is scored MUST be re-done!!

Another good question: how am I getting two-shotted with a br and dying sometimes, and how the hell are people firing the sidekick faster than the MA40.

Modded controllers should be considered cheating.

yeah modded controllers they are using the cronus max or whatever, and PC players are able to download practically anything. 2 shot BRs, aimbots, see through walls, they even have an aimbot that sees through walls that shows what health your shield is at. its rediculous.

i do strongly recomend trying to team up with the “looking for” groups and making friends with them, also alot of high end onyx players are on PC and are cheating.

That’s garbage.

I didn’t know two shot br was a cheat…

Kept happening, and one of the ppl on my team was saying that “some sketchy stuff is going on here”

Was an onyx guy, two gold’s, and an unranked on his team, and it was all two-shot br kills.

I figured it was a server thing

the aimbot literally is over the top on PC and they can practically make the game do whatever they want it to depending on who made the exploit and or programs

Well that explains a lot…

Like how come I kept being nades around corners when there’s no way they could have known where I was…

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im probably going to get in trouble for this but people need to be aware. so admins just so you know im just providing proof of this and in no way is this my video.

there is a space after the https: because of links

Holy cow that’s nuts

yeah ima delete that now and so many people are unaware of this. the last open HCS tournament i played in on the 29th of may the other team was using this. our team had 7 kills to their 50. they never got kicked out either. we went into theater and watched them watch us through walls and everything. but the tournament went on with them in it. also like i said their is PC onyx players using this daily. its not hard to figure out when you watch footage.

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No recoil on anything…

So THATS how people are firing the sidekick so fast…

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sorry i edited my last reply to reply to you

Completely bunk that it was in a tournament and they weren’t immediately banned

This ruins things for everyone.

and it will probably continue to do so

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Well thanks…that answered a LOT of questions…like why ppl are using the vk like a laser cannon with no recoil, why I kept being 2-shotted, etc.


I can’t say how many people use it but it does happen

It’s a good thing that most people are much happier when it’s explained to them.

I just wish 343 would do more of the heavy lifting.

Halo is a solo players nightmare most times man. I honestly rarely play alone.

Play alone is literally -insert every single solo player rant here- to explain what goes wrong. Sometimes people talk, mark enemies etc but…I’ll still always advocate making some friends or using the LFG. Even the losses can be enjoyed when you have the comraderie of your friends.

They haven’t made you a mod yet man? You’re doing so much work for free when I read all your replies on the forums still! At least they could give you a cool personalized avatar. It can be a sheet of paper with the words trueskill2 on it as an inside joke for all those times people have gotten mad at you for referencing that haha.


Yes, and I appreciate it, but at the very least, the matchmaking on ranked needs to be improved

There are so many variables to what makes four players a team…

I don’t envy the job that the match maker has to do.

It definitely gets better as the season goes. Once you start getting to 50+ games then people tend to play as advertised.

Josh Menke used to say that they could predict the result of the game and everyone’s score within a kill or two.

And finally, keep in mind sometimes you fall into squads with lower ranked players. These players are not expected to set the world on fire. They will go negative. A good game from them is often just dying a few less times. But the system takes it all into account.

I’ve been on pretty good run recently (20W 5L in my last 25) but its only resulted in like a third of a rank to diamond 3 and just under a quarter of a rank in diamond 4.
The most annoying thing is that i’m going up against onyx players bring golds and it just if I win then I gain nothing (like i’ve finished first in a close match in this set up and gained literally nothing) while if I lost that match i’d be losing about half a rank. Even more annoying is my last 2 matches have been someone quitting at the start then some leaving shortly after and then i’ve left and both times I lose about a wins worth of rank.
Losing rank feels a bit harsh and gaining a decent about of rank requires far to many hoops to jump through


Sad day for pugs. How does the ranked matchmaker perform with teams? I’ve seen people say teams are using low skill player to force a lower MMR. But I don’t know how widespread an issue that is.