The way rank is scored MUST be re-done!!

FIVE ranked games in a row, I completely carried my team. In three games, my score was more than THREE times the next closest player, etc.

It was me, and three people who played like they e never seen a halo game before. Naturally, we lost all five games despite my best effort.

Because my teammate utterly sucked, I lost an absolute boatload of points, which doesn’t seem fair.

I captured the only flag caps, I made the only flag returns, etc.

Why does ranked not take individual player’s skill/performance into account, and why the hell do I keep getting stuck with a team full of do-nothings, then get penalized for it? I dropped an entire rank because of my teammates!


Ranked pretty much revolves around beating better teams.

Which makes sense.

It is super annoying though when you get team mates you don’t gel with

When they looked at individual performance the only ones that were relevant outside of winning were kills per minute and (to a lesser extent) deaths per minute.

So there is a weighting to this. But only on your MMR. Your CSR doesn’t look at this.

If you want to rank up you need to beat teams ranked above you (when they come up).

Man look…I was placed at platinum 5. I worked my way up to nearly diamond, then the last 15 games straight, my team lost.

I’m now platinum 4.

Out of those 15, I was ranked #1 in 7 or 8 matches, but I’ve gone down two full ranks bc I keep getting greats for teammates that have apparently never played before.

I shouldn’t keep getting penalized when I’m capturing flags, returning flags, etc and my teammates are running around doing nothing but getting killed.

I have SS of all this…it’s ridiculous

Ive been playing Halo since the day CE was released 25+ years ago.

They need to either stop deranking players like me who get REPEATEDLY stick in crappy teams, or redo the way you are assigned teams.

Seriously. In two days, my team has won TWICE…and I’m usually double the score of the second place person on my team.

The most I can see on Halo Tracker is 4 runs of 4 or 5 losses. Different gamertag?

And we’re only talking a CSR of 50 points. It’s frustrating, no doubt. But bad luck runs happen.

The key is to look that losses are small drops in CSR and wins still give you close to the 15 max. This would suggest your MMR is still healthy and that a change in luck or form will quickly rank you back up.

It’s a team game. It’s a team ranking. Unfortunately you are beholden to the efforts of your team mates.

Keep in mind there should be similar players on the other side. And as you rank up the general quality of play improved.

I quit playing after my last win, the third win in two DAYS of playing ranked, put me just barely back at plat 5.

Got sick and tired of getting stuck with crappy teammates EVERY game.

I’d post the SS, but it won’t let me.

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another one of these posts. Darwi youve had your work cut out for you bud.


Sorry. I’m on a plane waiting for take off, so it’s not ideal for looking at stat sites.

You did have a bad patch of losing streaks bookending two wins. The good news is those losses are small CSR drops and your wins are double figure gains.

This suggests your MMR is still healthy. A bit of a winning streak should see you get back to where you were quite quickly.

Good luck.

Maybe it should be fixed then if so many people are tired of it the way it is.

I shouldn’t have been the #1 player in 7-8 straight games, paired up with three n00bs that went -2-3.0k/d and never played the objectives…FOR TWO DAYS STRAIGHT…and lost two full ranks bc the game keeps matching me with utterly worthless teammates that are obviously nowhere NEAR the same skill level as I am.

like darwi said and like i am about to say because i looked at your stats on another site, you did have a bad area of losing streaks, if you keep playing well and winning it should correct itself pretty fast.

Thank you Darwi for trying to explain, but why does the game keeps putting me with people who are going negative?!

A bad streak is an understatement. It was 15 straight losses…for no other reason than I had terrible teammates.

If you’re using the matchmaker to pick teammates for you in ranked matches, you’re playing to lose.


I’m no pro level gamer, but I HAVE been playing Halo for 21 years.

It’s SUPER annoying to have bad teammates drag you down because the system keeps putting you with people are are apparently new to fps games

My accuracy hovers in the 58-65% range, etc so I’m decent.

I just can’t play hard enough to make up for teammates that go 5 kills and 22 deaths per match

General Fox:

I just join ranked games. I’m not on a team or clan or anything like that. I play for fun, but it’s anything but fun to lose bc your teammates constantly suck.

im not questioning your experience or how good you are, ive been playing just as long, i was just stating facts from stats. As far as who the game matches you with…there may not be a big enough pool of players online in a certain range of skill or at times it is the matchmaking. those questions i cant answer.

i suggest using the helpful looking for groups to play with feature on xbox. maybe youll find people in your ranking to play with so your team wont drag you down

I didn’t assume you were questioning me, I’m just frustrated, so I apologize if it came across as defensive.

It’s just a game, I know, but the matchmaking needs to be improved. Especially when an obviously decent player goes on a huge losing streak bc of his teammates’ lack of skill.

i think matchmaking used to be better but so many people have dropped infinite so the player pool is just getting worse, it seems splitgate is even taking not just halo players but their content creators on youtube and twitch as well. im not saying all of them but some for sure. i keep close tabs on all of this

I join social like BTB and regularly go 20:1 k/d.

On a rare occasion, I may have one martini too many and I’ll break even lol…but most of my btb games, my k/d is at least 8-10:1

yeah usually 6 drinks in i know i need to quit playing because i cant 4 shot anymore but then i wake up the next morning and im rank gold or platinum and im like oh man, what did i do.


Irrelevant, you’re relying on a limited ai to pick teammates for you instead of picking them yourself.

You’re still playing to lose

The AI is never going to be good at picking reliable teammates unfortunately