The Way Ordinance Drops Should been IMO

You know this didn’t work out the way they intended. There some map control but very little due to randomization of ordinance drops.

I was kinda hoping that with the ordinance drops for weapon placement on map they would of had a system where power weapon would spawn at this location, but then at a certain time would move to a new spot at that specific time always. So map control would of been about knowing where the power weapon initially spawned then where it was gonna spawn next and your team had to learn to control that.

Although people hate AA’s but wouldn’t it have been better to make personal ordinance only drop armor abilities, or weapon boost and overshield? So if a player does well they can turn the tides, but the person who controls the map also gains those same overshield and weapon boost, but you can choose whats more useful at the time. For example, i went to designated spot picked up rocket i got personal ordinance, i see the other team has a damage boost i counter that and get a over shield since i have the power weapon.

Then you can pick AA’s based on the needs of the time thanks to Personal ordiance, will i need a AA to help me, or should i get damage boost to take out a over shield target, or should i drop a over shield for a friend as were going for flag so hes more protected.

Randomization takes away from the experience. I think Personal Ordinance would of worked alot better if it was just AA’s and Damage boost and over shield, and power weapons stayed on the map only but had specific times of spawn and moved which could of worked with the ordinance system they have.

That way everyone starts the same weapons, you gain the same benefits from personal ordinance as anyone AA or damage and overshield. NO POWER WEAPONS.

That would certainly have been more interesting and competitive.

343i should at least give us the ability to make a gametype like that.

I also have a suggestion for drops on the map: announce when a power weapon is about to spawn. Put up a timer and waypoint so both teams know ordnance is coming in before it’s actually there. Now that’s a system that brings forth interesting encounters, and the reward, the power weapon, would be well-earned. (instead of handed out to the person that happened to be closest to the drop).

Randomization is what’s killing halo in my opinion, they should of took aa’s out of load outs and made the personal ordinance so it’s more reminiscent of picking up a boost to turn the tides. so anyone can get those same overshield and damage boost or aa. If you have a power weapon you still have advantage but if you don’t play right the other team can make use of ordinance to take you down. And aa’s wouldn’t seem as op anymore since you lose them when you die. Power weapons should remain map control never randomization.