The Wardens of The Discipline

Welcome, We’re The Wardens of The Discipline, more often just referred to as The Wardens, easier to say.

We’re an organised Halo Clan who believe in fair play and respect above all others. We’re mainly a Raid based clan although we don’t shy away from battles. Our clan was founded three years ago and have had a steady leadership and member count ever since.

We’re a relaxed clan, no strict training schedules, skill level or extreme activity requirements. Members are simply expected to do what their needed to do when they are needed to do it. Our unique training tactics are so effective we’ve often been called in to help train other clans, (No crouch laps for us thank you).

We have an open recruitment policy, which means anyone can apply to be part of our clan. No age limit or skill limit. Our recruitment process will wash out anyone who doesn’t quite have what it takes to be a Warden.

Like most clans we have different sections in our clan, each performing a different job within our clan.

General Section: The largest section of the Wardens, this is where people are automatically assigned. Everyone in this section is unspecialised, doing no job other than being a Warden.

Academy Section: All Wardens who are accepted into this section are dedicated to helping recruits. Their job is to try to ensure each recruit reaches their full potentia in order to be Initiated.

Engineers Section: For the more creative in our clan, the Engineers are responsible for all technical aspects of The Wardenss, such as forging, videos, the website and our facebook page.

Praetorian Guard: The Praetorian Guard are hand chosen members of the Clan who are responsible of the clans security and survival. They are in charge of defenses during raids as well as each Wardens well being. To be a Guard you must not only be a good player but you must be smart, creative and loyal.

The Discipline
There is one main catch with our clan. Like it’s been said above, there are no requirements to join are clan, except for one. Our clan is based on Fair Play and Respect. Whilst we are very relaxed in many ways, we are strict on The Discipline. The Discipline is a set of rules each Warden swears to play by. They are simple rules such as ‘no spawn killing’, ‘no afk killing’, ‘no rage quitting’, no teabagging’ and so on. If you think you can follow these simple rules, you’ll be golden with us. If not, well then, we don’t care if your the number one player in the world, you’re not welcome here.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below, or send me a message.


This Week in The Wardens:

  • We raided the Shield of Honour (who accidentally left their game on open) and won, causing their members to rage something chronic in the lobby afterwards.

  • The Spartans of Sparta asked us to raid their new base as a test, we took it over and held it against them until they surrendered. We then gave it back to them and received a proper tour in return.

  • We had a 5v5 clan match with A Worthwhile Investment and won all three rounds of Oddball, King of The Hill and then Slayer Pro. We then followed this up with two practice raids as they asked us to teach them.

  • We also had countless practices with allies.

Tomorrow is also The Wardens Third Anniversary!

Our clan will be spending the next week celebrating with our traditional Anniversary games including:

  • 1v1 Tournament with Prize
  • Halo Forge competition with Prize
  • Minecraft Challenge map
  • Our Famous Warden Party Nights!

And More to be announced.