The Warden, Coolest Enemy within Halo? Oh YES!

The Warden, a Forerunner who protects our ex most favoured companion, now the Forerunner leader Cortana. The Warden does everything to protect his new leader, even her Spartan Companion and friend John-117. Another thing we come to realise is that the Warden CAN F*CKING RESPAWN WHENEVER HE WANTS AND STANDS WELL ABOVE ANY SPARTAN?!! Yes we may of faced characters in other games who are immortal but never in Halo. In Halo 4 the Didact was also a relentless character who we blow up with a well placed pulse grenade (but his fate is unknown). Like the Warden’s fate we are unaware if Cortana terminated him after he ‘failed’ her. The last cut-scene we see of the Warden clearly shows his true devastating potential by spawning into multiple Warden’s and nearly eliminating Master Chief and Blue team. Thankfully the most we have to fight in the campaign is 3-4 at once, on Heroic the Warden was one of the toughest foes I have ever tried to tussle with but on Legendary I have to accept continuous, countless deaths by either his beam or his horrendous Long sword-spear what ever you would like to call it. Another thing which makes him so damn cool is how he can take on up to 24 spartans within the Warzone game mode, he can deactivate vehicles with his beam and easily take on multiple spartans in Close to Mid range with just his sword, or even instant kill an overshielded spartan with his beam from afar. His only downfall is that he can be assassinated when his ‘Dark Orb’ is fluctuating but even so an enemy team in Warzone can easily prevent you from doing this and gaining 150 VP’s. Besides he sounds and his fighting style is extremely amazing, Well done 343

Do you think The Warden of Halo 5 is the coolest enemy in any of the Halo Games? Let me know!!!

Aesthetically the Warden is pretty cool. Instead of just mindlessly attacking the spartans he asks difficult, philosophical questions and as you said he’s nearly invincible. But in terms of gameplay, not so much. He’s a recycled boss who appears several times throughout the campaign, and he doesn’t change his strategy or use different weapons. You just empty your weapons into a bullet sponge while dodging OHK attacks, they should have at least tried to make each Warden encounter different other than just spawning more of him.

Halo has a pretty good list of terribly designed bosses, but Warden definitely takes the cake. All its attacks are one-hit-kill, it’s a bullet sponge for which even shooting it in the back takes a large amount of hits to kill, and in every battle there’s a bunch of other lesser enemies that the player also needs to take care of. I almost feel like it’s a boss designed to be fought by multiple players, in which case I can imagine strategic positioning might actually work if the players work together. However, for solo play, there are no built-in weak points in the encounters. Long range: all the attacks are one-hit-kill, and it’s invincible from the front and constantly facing the player. Short range: the attacks are yet again one-hit-kill, very careful dodging could do the trick, but the lesser enemies make sure the player can’t just keep dancing around the Warden.

I haven’t progressed very far in the campaign yet, but I can say with certainty that I’m not at all looking forward to fighting three Wardens. One makes me bored enough.

You mean Sir Friendzone? Yeah, he isn’t really good. Cool concept, an enemy with one mind yet multiple bodies he can control all at the same time thus making his defeat harder and harder. He is kinda like the Ridley of Halo. Too bad he spends way too much time playing “Notice me senpai!” to Cortana in the campaign for me to genuinely give a -Yoink- about him. He comes out of nowhere, his purpose is vague and his boss-fights are awful.

He’s tough. Wasn’t expecting to have to fight the guy 3 or 4 times throughout the campaign.

Cool wise I go with flood. Made from Precursor dust. The baddest aliens ever and have a zombie end times plague feel wrapped all into one


Tartarus was a better boss.

I love the Warden! Can’t wait to see more of him.