The War Masters (recruitment)

Join the War Masters today!!

Try the Recruitment Section for good luck

Are there any requirements?

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> Are there any requirements?

The way clans go these days, you probably have to stand around the map all day long discussing how other clans didn’t stand around in the proper formation. And being a new member, you’ll probably have to -Yoink!- as part of your recruit training. Don’t forget to constantly worship the 10-year-old leader who forces his authority on you and yells for no apparent reason. Have fun!

Oh lol okay soooo just tebagging?

If your not bad

Look if your familiar with Leauge of Alphas well its not a good clan really…

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> Join the War Masters today!!

youd have better luck posting this thread on the recruitment section.

Id imagine a monitor will come lock this or do it for you.

Best of luck to the war masters.