The waiting game

So, the Defiant Map Pack is out tomorrow.

Do we know when? Is it at midnight Eastern Standard? Or some other time zone? Is it even out at midnight?

I say we sit here, and we wait.

Hopefully the war will still be there when we show up. I’ve got some -Yoink- that needs kicking.

I hate this game.

I doubt it will be up by midnight. I got up and tried to buy the Noble Map Pack at around 4 in the morning the day it came out, but it had some ridiculous pricetag. A couple hours later it was ready for download for 800 microsoft points.

I’d recommend getting a good night’s sleep, but setting your alarm clock for a reasonably early time.

According to [(]this post]([ on NeoGAF, we’ll be getting the pack at 2 A.M PST.

So 4 A.M CST then. Oh, boo hiss.

EDIT: Huh, the hyperlink didn’t work correctly.

Here’s the URL: