"The Vihar Collapse"

So in the Chapter 2 cinematics of lone wolves Spartan Eklund says that her and Spartan Dinh have had each other’s back since the Vihar Collapse, some quick google searches pulled up nothing in the halo universe and the translation of Vihar has multiple meanings like abbey and convent, but not Covenant specifically. What do you think the Vihar Collapse was?

Covenant makes the most sense, but there’s a lot of religious terminology thrown around in the franchise so it wouldn’t surprise me if this was a new undisclosed event.

Maybe her and Dinh are war orphans like the 3s, maybe they were trapped in a collapsed church or something like that.

Any insight on this?

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I agree with you. This name is very confusing.Vihar is not only a place name in religion but also in reality.
That place may refer to a covenant base.I think they are mainly engaged in fighting behind the enemy lines, just like Headhunters.
Eklund was once a member of the Fireteam Crimson, and I think this is a key detail.

There’s also a challenge called vengeance for Vihar so it makes you wonder what happened to the rest of Crimson, maybe they fell there?

I have no clue what it is and it’s probably not that important anyways. It’ll most likely be discussed more thoroughly in a book or something else “off screen.”

That’s fine with me if it’s off screen, I haven’t read a Halo book I didn’t like and I don’t mind tie-ins to appreciate characters a little more than what they show on screen.

It’d probably be better if they put more lore and story into the games instead of leaving the books to tell all of the best stories. But I think that’s because 343 doesn’t have much writing talent, and the authors of the books are experienced writers with imagination. 343 should bring these authors in to write their Halo games.

It’s probably too much work honestly. I don’t think 343 have bad writers, the authors are usually briefed by the storyboard directors and given constraints on writing the novels. The issues with infinite are almost entirely due to the staffing issues and rewrites that delayed the game. The campaign should have been longer and the events should be more narratively driven, but modeling, scripting, mocap, cinematics, storyboard management(preventing retcons that were notorious in the bungie era) all are labor intensive and time consuming tasks. Then there’s debugging and publishing, will this game crash on one or all consoles if we push this update (when’s the last time you seen an infinite update? most are in the background).

There’s a lot of working pieces involved and even if you deliver an amazing cinematic and player focused experience there’s so much more content that isn’t shown via internal dialogue or exposition like the books can. I genuinely believe 343 can make a good narrative experience, especially with Joe back at First Matey position, but they need more time, staff and leeway from Microsoft. I would love to see spartan ops returned with familiar characters, cutscenes and story threads that need to be tied up. I’d love to see red team reunite with blue team, or just where the hell is blue team you know? Stuff like that would do well in campaign expansions and spartan ops styled seasonal content. The idea of Spartan ops is still a great one that was poorly executed with an arguably pointless narrative in the grand scheme.

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I just don’t think 343 has it in them anymore. They’ve had plenty of chances and over a decade to deliver. Countless amounts of feedback on all sorts of things. 343 should know what to do by now, but they keep doing whatever they want… and I mean sure, it’s their product lol make it however you want but when the customers are telling you they want the product this way, but the company says, tough crap, you’ll take the product how we give it. The company really shouldn’t be that surprised when customers start leaving because they aren’t getting the product they wanted or at the very least what they expected. This is how 343 has acted for over a decade and their plan isn’t working… but they keep doing it game after game… it seems 343 doesn’t want to improve the franchise, they just want to drag it out and make enough easy money off of it. That’s all.

While in-game, Halo Infinite may play kind of similar to a Halo game, but it is missing so much of the vital essence that gave Halo a “soul.” The career progression, XP just for playing, the old customization, the player’s overall choice of what they can play… these simple things, coupled with the familiar gameplay, and guns, mechanics, etc made Halo, feel like HALO. 343 cut half of these things out and are trying to sell them back to the players. They even rebranded the ESRB to aim the game at a younger audience which has a higher probability to purchase microtransactions. Infinite was designed as an in-game store first and than a Halo game second.

Consider it’s not the developers who want to make a bad game, it’s the executives who want a profitable one. No one likes spending money just like developers don’t like people hating their life’s work.

Probably a Banished assault of some kind. Given that these two Spartans were thrown together by that and that one of them is loaded up with Banished armour makes sense. I don’t think they would refer to anything else given that the Banished are the main threat and it’s too recent to be Covenant.

The collapse in destiny is the Sol system falling into anarchy and the fall of civilisation. So it could mean Vihar is a planet or star system.

Alternatively it could be the collapse of the resistance or battle line in a military campaign. Maybe forcing some kind of disastrous retreat.

I feel like it’s a city or outpost, given that Agryna seems to know them pretty well indicating they could definitely be in the same spartan class. Still not sure why she aged so much based on that cutscene because it looks like she got 20 years older after what’s probably a year of banished invasion on earth.

Oh that cutscene is London in Halo 3.

Still that’s only like 8 years

Might be important later. Might just be one of those things thats named only but never expanded upon like the Soma Deep Space Incident that helped influence the EVA armor.

We dont need to know absolutely everything, anyway. If we learn about it, we learn about it. If not? It serves its purpose still.