The VGA Reaction and Response thread.

Discuss the current winners, announcements and things that make you say “oooh, ahh.”


All winners will be posted below:

Game of the year:
Studio of the year:
Best XBOX 360 Game
Best PS3 Game
Best Wii Game
Best PC game
Best Handheld/Mobile Game
Best Shooter
Best Action/Adv game: Batman Arkham city
Best RPG
Best Multi player
Best individual sports game
best team sports game
best driving game
best fighting game
best motion game
best independent game
best adapted video game
best song in a game
best original score
best graphics
best preformance by a human male
best preformance by a human female
best downloadable game
Best DLC
NFL BLITZ cover vote:
Character of the year
Most anticipated game: Mass effect 3. :frowning:
trailer of the year

I’m so sad that Halo 4 didn’t get most anticipated.

I know. But it will always be most anticipated in my heart though. :slight_smile:

Y’know… A trailer is still a possibility I guess. I’m still bummed it didn’t win, but hey, that’s how it goes. Multiplatform beats console exclusive nine times out of ten.

This show is a joke, the only good thing about it is DeadMau5. They are just announcing games that have been revealed at E3 already, maybe a new trailer or two but nothing real gamers wouldn’t already know.

Have at it in here;