The veto system

I think that we should make the map selection either Halo 2 style or Halo 3 style! Either no choice or only one option to veto, and if you veto and get a -Yoink- map that’s your gamble…and your fault. NOT ONLY THAT BUT…

WHY IN THE -Yoink- CAN YOU BACK OUT RIGHT BEFORE THE GAME STARTS IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE MAP SELECTIONS?! This is such a terrible game experience for everyone that has already voted. I highly doubt anyone can disagree with this.

I don’t advise that you make threads very similar to other threads that were posted before you. Mods don’t like duplications ;).

And I’ve seen you make two posts recently. Might I suggest making one large/concise thread with all your thoughts/suggestions in opposed to making multiple small threads with very small amount of information.