The Versus Thread

I thought since Versus Threads are coming back to the Forums we should make an Official Versus Thread so the forums wouldn’t be filled up to the brim with them.


I’ll put down a Versus match between two Halo charcters, vehicles, factions and species to see what you all would think, I’ll try change it everyday but sometimes I go to my Dad’s who has no internet connection so maybe the admins can edit it for me on that day, but I’ll give a warning in advance. Also could this be pinned so I then we wouldn’t have to keep this thread alive. Now here is the match for today:

Master Chief vs Arbiter

Master Chief with full auto splazer versus four thousand Prophet Of Regrets

MC vs Arbiter, were it so easy. I say MC’s plot armour is more durable than the Arbiter’s so MC wins.

OK the next one

Buck vs Johnson

Johnson would win because he has laser eyes

Third one

Keyes vs Rtas 'Vadum aka the Shipmaster off Halo 3 or Halfjaw(Ship Battle)

Keyes is old, halfjaw hands down.

Keyes is no foot soldier, Shipmaster is an absolute warrior though.

If it were on foot then the shipmaster, if it were captain vs captain then the shipmaster still has the Covenant ship advantage despite Keyes being a great commander, so I don’t know on that front.

forge vs johnson

that would be kinda hard since they are both dead…

Zombie fight!

> Zombie fight!

LMFAO :slight_smile:

Zombie-Johnson. He still has lasers for eyes and Forge ain’t no ladies man.

run for your life the dead are rising from there graves!..but ya johnson would win

Tex from RvB and MC

> Tex from RvB and MC

I didn’t mean everyone else comes up with versus battles

I say forge
at least he killed an arbitor
what did johnson do
punch a brute?