The United Soviet Coalition

We are a new clan looking for members. We have experiance from multiple clans. For instance I have been a leader in multiple clans.(Both Spartan and Sangheili clans)
We have just started and there are many officer positions open at this time, feel free to apply for them!(You will not be given a position within this clan, you will earn it!)

In Game
We are a Halo Reach clan and when Halo 4 comes out we will move to that. But for right now we Play halo reach.
We have MM lobbys playing everyday!
We Will have Forge competions! (none are schedualed at this time)
We have meetings and other clan events weekly!
We will have Clan battles with almost anyone. (BTB clan matches only as of right now) (we will not be having any clan matches till 3/12/12)

We have our own website, from there you will have accsess to tons of cool stuff.
Such as Our RP forums, Our rules and Regs, our Roster and much more.
You will be given the adress once you are accepted into the clan.
(Im still working on the website, basicly trying to make it look nice and pretty but it is up as you read this)

To join us you will need to do a few things.

  1. Send me a message saying you want to join and then send me a friend request on XBL.
  2. Join my game when I invite you. (there i will ask you a few questions and then put you into the proper uniform)
  3. Then after a day you will be given the adress for the website where you will fill out the Enlistment form.
  4. Once the form is filled out you will go through bootcamp to become a true member of the USC!

Boot Camp: Once you have filled out the enlistment form on the website, Myself or a Drill Instructors will get a hold of you and run you through boot camp.

Public affairs
If you would like to talk about a possible alliance feel free to post here or send me a message!