The Urgency of a Competitive Playlist.

I do not frequently post in forums, nonetheless create a thread, but I just want to state that 343 needs to accommodate the competitive players with a playlist. AGL just finished their halo 4 tournament and there are players ready to get into the scene, but need a place to start. I think in the next week or so, 343 should implement a competitive playlist with AGL settings along with other playlists like double team, head to head, etc… getting back to the basics! This is the first step .

I understand that ranks and whatnot are being implemented in the upcoming months, i’m not too sure on the details and how they work, but this should be the sort’ve long term goal. The short term goal is making matchmaking appealing to everyone.

Thanks for the read, i hope 343 sees this, as i have been a avid competitive gamer in the community for years.

thank you.

There’s a competitive playlist coming in mid-February, I believe with the TU.

^^ I see. It is imperative that they do incorporate the correct settings though, or it will be a complete failure.

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This game sucks and is dead think about how many games will come and go and 343 is talking about adding this and that c’mon it Not halo people will not play this game for 2-3 yrs lol what a rip this game is

It sounds good to me, I’ll have to see it in action though to decide.


I don’t think so. I just got back from an AGL tournament, and from what it seems, this game is anything but dead. With the right changes, and the upcoming TU, I see a bright future.


You think the game sucks but you have OVER 8 days played, SR130, and over 1400 games played so far?..

Take a look here.I hope 343 gets the hint with halo 5 make the game with competitive play in mind, no extra gimmicks just make it a halo game. Not some class based shooter hybrid. Cause quite frankly you can play a competitive game casually but you cant play a casual game competitively


Have been listening to us! They have alot of work ahead of themselves with the balancing and such with some tweaks in the gameplay like “De-scope” for example, but they’re gonna fix 'pre-load outs, ‘respawn timer’ and more!

Good start to me so far, good job 343 keep your head’s up high and deliver us competitive fan base players what we want for our fix of the day! : )

Bright future for Halo 4 and 343i!