The Uprising

Welcome to TheUprising!In This clan we focus on the competitive side, making sure to overcome our foes and becoming the strongest, and we’d like you to join us in this battle.
Arena Rankings Range from High Platinum to Champion.To Join, either apply to join by pressing join this company or message the following people either on xbox or halo waypoint:LeonGids YT
Mendicant Bi4s
be an active player with a mic and an understanding of the english language. Players that rate below platinum Csr will be accepted on a tentative basis.Our Mission/What We’ll do for You:Our mission in TheUprising is to help players reach their potential, remove their weaknesses, and allow them to reach a threshold of skill that will allow them to fight efficiently in any theater. We aim to help players learn call outs and strategies in arena, and dominate as a group in warzone. We will help any and all that choose to join us, that said we are not here to carry and lower skill players will need to make an attempt to improve. We have members active in most time zones and have a chat set up for finding teams.We hope to see you on the battlefield.Our Website is now Live and you find all details and more information on there, check it out below!