The UNSC is Recruiting: Inquire Inside

Hello Prospective Recruit;

This is a general call-to-arms from The UNSC’s ranking Commander; Grim. Currently we are looking for individuals, such as yourself, who are interested and willing to fight for a cause. A cause that has lasted years against threats both domestic and foreign, leading us to the point where we are now. The UNSC is on the hunt for those who show great signs of:


If you believe that you represent these signs, then look no further than The UNSC. Enlist Today for a Brighter Future Tomorrow!

Getting completely out of the in-character aspect here so I can get down to brass tacks. My name is Duskwalker Grim, I am the leader of a clan simply called The UNSC. (Original, huh?). We are an in-universe clan who specialize in giving that true Halo Universe feel when it comes to clan activity and play. I will not lie, however, and say we are a huge clan. In fact, those who do join up will be some of the first members and will be expected to become some of the first leaders of their respective fireteams, of which they are expected to turn into Squads, Platoons, etc. I need a few individuals who can represent these qualities stated above and can help to get a clan up and running.

To explain what we will be doing; There are plenty of in-universe clans out there that we will be playing with or getting in contact with to combat and so on. We will jump into Matchmaking but that will ‘not’ be our main focus as our main focus will be that of games which are called Raids. (If interested, inquire within)

Structure of the Clan:

  • Marine Branch -
    These are our front line members who start within the Clan. These are the budding seeds and embers of the fire that is The UNSC. This is where you will start, should you join.

  • ODST Branch -
    Our special operations branch of Marines. In this branch, you are expected to take more risks and be more daring on the field and take certain operations under your belt. (Purely by officer recommendation only)

  • Navy Branch -
    Our Naval Branch is currently non-functioning. This will be a PC group mostly as we wait for Star Citizen to drop (or other space sim games should we find interest in them.

  • SPARTAN Branch -

  • ONI -

My schedule consists of me being at work from 13:00 (1:00 PM Mountain) to 21:30 (9:30PM Mountain) with the exception of Friday and Saturday as those are my days off. I am on after that point and sometimes before that point for multiple hours. I will need individuals who are not only active around those times, but are active during the afternoons as well and can recruit/train new recruits as we get them.

I already have a website set up and fully expect those who join to be able to access the website as all of our paperwork, event notification, after action reports, promotion/discharge forms and general communications will be done through there:

If you are interested, shoot me a PM, join up on the website, or just reply here. Any further questions? Shoot me a PM.

See you on the battlefield.
-Grim (Clan Commanding Officer, O5)

Bumping to get more interest.

Bumping again to garner interest, we still need recruits for our cause.

Why not

Sent you a message. Any other takers?
We still need dedicated individuals who can be the future leadership of our clan as we go forward.
(And by leadership, I don’t mean my position. I mean leaders of fireteams/squads/platoons)

Given my job, don’t think I can. And I would only join under one circumstance anyway, so there’s that. Even if I had a better shift you wouldn’t accept my one circumstance. I am interested in seeing your clan grow, however.

Depends on the one circumstance? I work too, so I understand that. What would it be?

Deleted. Answered in DM

And responded. Still looking for recruits!

Bumping for more interest.