The Unofficial: Top 10 Halo Reach for 343

"Didn’t really see anywhere this could go but I’m going to start up my top 10 from Bungie, and migrate it onto here."

The Unofficial: Top 10 Halo Reach - 343

I just want to say that I love the community here already and these forums seem like a pretty awesome place for Halo to call it’s home.

Now then,

I will be re-instating my Top ten series and hopefully I can make a home here for my series. I may not have the same fan base as Anoj, Rooster teeth, or IGN but I love to keep up with people and love to chat with the community which seems like what this place is all about.

If you wanted a chance to put all of your videos it good use now is your chance! Just send in your clips for a chance to pit you clips head to head against other users to be the best of the best. At least for the week that is.

I love taking ideas from the community and would be looking forward to doing things such as the following

  • Tours of user made maps
  • Tours of Map packs
  • Gameplay footage
  • Top 10
  • Glitches/Easter egg tutorials
  • Anything else you guys would like to see

I hope to hear a lot from the community and I love constructive criticism. :slight_smile: