The Unofficial Sprint Thread

Welcome to the Unofficial Sprint Thread!

The purpose of this thread is to encourage thoughtful discussion regarding the future of sprint in Halo, while also (hopefully) focusing the discussion into a single thread rather than multiple. Please approach this topic with an open mind and ignore those who flame, troll, or post anything non-constructive. Speaking of non-constructive posts, this thread is for those who wish to participate in the discussion. If you do not wish to participate in the discussion then click here to go back.

What is Sprint? – We will define sprint as: increased player speed at the cost of the player’s ability to shoot. If you have a different definition then please provide it in your response.

This is NOT an opinion poll. Be specific.

Some history for you (no actual game-spoilers):

Sprint (as defined above) became majorly popular in 2007 by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and has since been used in many FPS titles. Call of Duty was not the first to use sprint, however, due to the game’s massive popularity, sprint was established as a norm in FPS gaming.

Sprint didn’t make its way into Halo until 2010 as an armor ability in Halo: Reach. It immediately sparked discussion within the community about whether or not sprint has a place in Halo. Since then, Halo’s new owner 343 Industries has incorporated sprint as a base mechanic in Halo 4 (2012) and Halo 5 (2015).

Claims/Arguments from both sides:

Keep – Sprint is an essential feature for all first-person-shooters and should remain in Halo
Keep – Sprint is a necessary change for the evolution of Halo
Keep – Sprint opens up new offensive/defensive strategies that would not otherwise be possible (i.e. spartan charge & escape)
Keep – Sprint is realistic
Remove – Halo is slowly losing its identity by conforming to the conventions of other popular first-person-shooters and removing sprint can help restore it
Remove – Sprint infringes upon the Golden Triangle of Halo and should therefore be removed
Remove – Sprint has changed the core formula of Halo
These are common trends I have seen in other threads and I have included them here to help kickstart discussions. I will update this list as the thread develops. If you’d like to list your own claim here please let me know.

Keep the salt to minimal.

Ready… Go!

We already have a large thread dedicated to sprint in the Halo 5 forums at the moment