The Unofficial Specializations Email Thread

I am level 70 prior to this weekend. Heard wind of codes being sent out starting December 1st only for people who have played online prior to the November 20th deadline. I am a dedicated player who deserves a code by now. After all, you people have had my support for over 8 years. I have tweeted @xboxsupport. They were of no help. There is no way to get a hold of Halo Waypoint on the Official thread for whatever reason that may be. I plain and simply just want you guys to send me the email. The specializations are already on the disc (They are on everybody’s). I just need the code to unlock them. In my opinion, they should already BE unlocked but I obviously don’t understand the thought process behind why 343, or whoever, is doing this.

My question is basically this. Why would you decide to do business like this? You have upset more people than you’ve made happy and you are losing public support. Over something that should have already been in the game, but wasn’t, because it beefed up your marketing campaigns. My Gamertag is B L AND TREVOR. You have my records I have read your disclosure. It does disclose that instances like this may occur, but does that really mean you should play it off? Is this really just a waiting game now? All I see happening now is big Monday (hopefully Monday) update that automatically unlocks it for everyone that got the shaft this holiday gaming season. Making all those emails you send out in =to outer space completely useless and a waste of time. My question is still why. And my second question is still, “Where is my code?”

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First it was wait till the 30th, then its well wait till the 1st and then just wait till 2md, now its wait till monday. At what point can we say this is bs and the codes arent coming? Common people, we are all being played for fools.

They’re going to lock this thread like they did the other one and tell you to go post in the official thread with a link despite it being locked. This whole situation is being handled poorly.

Do you realize that there are ~19023732177671239234 other threads that are the EXACT SAME! Try using a search tool. Everyone is aware of what is going on. Making millions of threads about it isn’t going to change that or speed things up.

@XboxSupport2 said starting a new post would be the best way for me to get an answer. You cannot reply in the official thread so I am bumping this one up in hopes I get an answer from a moderator. (And not a banhammer on my already flat and feverish head from putting up with this nonsense.)

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Open the damn thread you slick -Yoinks!-. They closed it on purpose thanks to cheesypotato! No their acting like they cleaning it!