The Unofficial Halo 4 Commendations Thread

I created this thread to help those trying to finish their commendations. I will be posting playlist that are good for weapons, vehicles, game types and player commendations. As well as tips and tricks from me as well as the waypoint community. If you have any tips, recommended playlist/game types or just general help. Please feel free to post a reply!

Throughout the hours, days, weeks, and (as long as this thread survives) months to come I will be posting help and tactics for weapon commendations, vehicle commendations, Game type commendations And such. So stay tuned!

Part 1: Weapon commendations
1.1 UNSC Weapons

Sniper Rifle: I would recommend a low sensitivity for this weapon. It is a two shot kill. I highly recommend the “team snipers” Playlist for this one. Also. Try to line up your target as much as possible and then you can make smaller adjustments by moving left or right slightly. this also makes you a moving target.

Assault Rifle: A fully automatic close range rifle. For best use, Go into “rumble Pit” And equip a BR or DMR as your primary weapon. Use the “Firepower” Upgrade to equip the AR as your secondary. get three shots with your Br or DMR then switch to your AR to finish 'em off.

Battle Rifle: A four-shot-burst weapon that kills in five burst. Your best bet is to get three-four body shots then finish it off with a headshot or two. But don’t fire as quick as possible. Wait until the bloom resets then line up your shot and fire again. I recommend Team slayer or rumble pit. Rumble pit sometimes works a little better Because you can usually find two+ people focused enough on each other that they aren’t watching their radar.

1.2 Covenant Weapons
1.3 Forerunner Weapons

Part 2: Vehicle Commendations

Part 3: Player Commendations.

Part 4: Game Type Commendations