The Unlock Systems In Each Game Are The Same As They Originally Were On The 360?

Do you still earn credits in Reach? Do you still have to earn achievements to unlock Halo 3’s armors?

No they are not the same as the originals.

That worries me…

(Ugh, limits.)

I haven’t really looked at Halo 3’s original armor (because I don’t play it), but I can explain how the Reach armors/effects work. You earn season points by ranking up (first one hundred ranks) and by completing weekly/seasonal challenges. You then use these points to buy the armors from the season pass, in Reach’s case it’s season one. You can buy whatever you want from each tier, but to advance to the next tier you must unlock everything in your current one (there’s 10 total in each tier). This is a lot faster than how you would have to rank up in the original.

Sounds like a downgrade. Is the ODST helmet in season 1?

As someone who reached max rank in OG, I guess I could agree with that, but it is a lot less time consuming.

Everything that was in the original Reach game (aside from cut content that may have still been lurking deep in the game files) is included in season one, so yes the ODST helmet is there. Can’t comment on which tier it lies in though.

I just looked up what the unlock system looks like. It’s a downgrade indeed. Now I can’t just simply get the ODST helmet from the start with credits you start with and play the campaign with the helmet. Now I have to play online just to get it.

There are single player challenges available too which also give out xp that will help you rank up, thus earning more points.

Ah I see. Alrighty then.

I mean it’s not really a downgrade, but it’s certainly not as balanced as it should be.

you get all the armor WAY faster. even more so now that you can do challenges, back when reach first launched on mcc you could only get points to unlock armor by leveling up with XP, but now you can do that and earn more points by doing challenges (pvp and pve). IF you want all the original reach armors it wont take you very long to get all of them.

halo 3’s original armors are unlocked right off the bat, and you can earn new armors and skins with the points you earn from challenges and XP from leveling up to level 100. Once you reach level 100, you can only get more points by doing challenges.

personally i never did like reaches unlock system since i was nowhere near getting the armors i wanted, unlike mcc where i have all of reaches armor (except for the new ones)

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If you have just got halo MCC and are trying it for the first time allow me to explain simply

Every level gives you one season point until rank 100
Golden challenges will give you 1 season point on average
There are PVP, PVE and Seasonal Challenges
Seasonal challenges will give out 3 or more season points.
There are 8 seasons

S1 is Reach
S2 is CE
S3 is ODST + New h3 content
S4 is H4 + New h3 content
S5 is Halo Online added to H3 + New/Missing Reach content (bungie helm)
S6 is Halo Fireteam Raven added to H3
S7 is New H3 elite skins + DLC H4 content
S8 is New H3 and New Reach content

Each season has 5-10 pages of content
Each page has 10 Tiers
All 10 tiers must be unlocked to go onto the next page
You can unlock any item on the page whenever you want (unlock tier 4 then 8 then 1 then 9 if you want)
Each Tier is 1 season point except the ODST season I think
Some tiers contain 2 items
Shoulders are unlocked together

Everything you ever had previously in halo games is available and unlockable thru gameplay.

H3 original unlockables were sadly unlocked instantly including recon and flaming helm and katana.
Reach, CE, ODST and 4 all have you start with only default or a VERY small amount of armor until you unlock tiers

Halo 2A DOES have unlockables however they are only available thru the exchange.
Every 5 or 7 days the exchange swaps out items. They WILL COME BACK you just have to wait for it to rotate back around if you missed it the first time.

There are extra item available as sets or bundles in the exchange aswell. Currently there Is the Mark7 halo infinite helmet for h4 available for free I think, and a Viking H3 entire armor set for 20 Season Points and a Shield back accessory for 3 season points