The Unique Musician

As you read, please be willing to click this link, to listen to the unusual but such unique music.

This is what makes our imagination so special. The ability to remake an original all time hit song and turn it into something completely different! I’m here to spread this video, to make it viral, and overall introduce it to 343 industries. As this gives them an idea how our generation’s music is forming, whether it be electronic or not, the advances are crucial and brilliant to the average player of halo. Please share and spread William Joseph’s music as it gives you an all new thought of music that would and could be introduced in Halo, the something unusual but so unique.

This is amazing.

Not going to lie… That was pretty awesome. Made me think of the coming Halo live tv series.

Really cool! Thanks OP!

Okay…That was freakin’ amazing.

Really not a fan.

Fantastic, really makes me want to pick up playing piano again!

Also lol the top comment: ‘So… How did you get the damn piano into a forest?’