The undocumented Sabre 'Expert' Controls

Well then, for those of us on this here forum which didn’t originate from HBO where I first mentioned this, I suppose I might as well share a little trick of my own finding from day one of the games release.

The magic button to completely change how the Sabre handles is the Right Bumper.

If you hold down this button, you will enable independent roll control and disable the auto-level functionality.
Which stick will now control roll is completely dependant on your choice of stick layout, but by default it is left and right on the left stick (the throttle).
With this you can fly upside down or on your side indefinitely, without the game righting you on its own.
You’ll also be able to perform a true barrel roll, a more agressive corkscrew dive, etc.

Originally I named these ‘expert controls’ in honour of the Ace Combat series which has always given the option between beginner and expert (realistic) controls.

A demonstration I uploaded a month ago:

As well as a bit of information on the feature from Bungie’s JohnnyOthan:

> Hehehe…In the first iteration of the Sabre the roll on the left stick was always enabled…but in usability tests people would just start pushing both sticks in random directions (probably trying to strafe) and completely confuse themselves. So roll was removed for a long time. The “hold RB to enable expert mode” was a feature that came in really really late (which is why there’s no documentation for it anywhere).

Put simply, this was very much a last minute addition. Its not in the manual, strategy guide, game menus, absolutely nothing.
I suppose you could call it an egg if you wanted, but its really more just a feature that came into play too late to intergrate to its maximum potential.

So if you want a little challenge, a ‘different way to campaign’ as it were, try completing the Sabre section while holding RB and using only roll and pitch to complete the entire Sabre section.

Meaning that with default controls, don’t use left/right on the right stick at all!

It’ll make precision aiming much harder, even with the reticle leading the shot for you.
You’ll also have to co-ordinate using the two different sticks at once.

Now no one really rose to the challenge on HBO (sadface) but here’s a vid of my first and still to this day only semi-serious attempt at setting a decent score and time using these settings (on Heroic of course).


Oh goody another trick to shake up that level for fun! :slight_smile:

I tried it, makes me wish it was a toggle and that space combat was in the game. 343! When you take over add space combat!

Sounds like a challenge :slight_smile:
I’ll have to try that out sooner or later.

Nice! Guess I’ll have to try that out soon!

I found this a few weeks ago. It’s so cool! I never tried playing through the entire space section like that though.