The Ultimate Ranking System for a Future Halo Game. (Casual and Competitive friendly, please tell me

So i’ve been thinking of a ranking system, which would give any future Halo a huge replay value, and I came up with a mix beetwen Halo 3s and Reach’s Ranking systems.

Why Halo 3s ranking system? Rember Halo 3 beeing the most played game in 2009, the ranking system required skill and people were always trying to climb that 1 to 50 ladder, that gave the game the addicting feel (mostly for the competitive players).

Halo 3 had Deranking and Boosting which ruined the experience is there something that can fix that? This will be fixed by adding Halo Reach’s Arena ratings, the top 50% ratings will get trueskill to go up, that way bad players that are getting carried every game won’t get their trueskill to go up, and then without boosting there won’t be any point for deranking.

Why Halo Reach’s ranking system? Lets use this instead of exp, cR is gained every game even if you lost, and it can be used to buy armour and stuff it’s fun, it shows dedication over skill which is what the casuals like.

So how is this casual and competitive friendly? If you don’t like Ranked, you still have lots or ranks to achieve, and cR to gain, the biggest Sargent rank could require half a million cR (500000 cR), now lets say that you reached a 10 in a ranked playlist, and you have lots of total cR, you can either get your trueskill to 20 or get another 10 in different playlist for the next rank, here is were it gets more replaybility than the Halo 3 ranking system.

I reached 50 what is there now to do, do i just keep farming cR? You could do that, or you could work on another 50 in a different playlist, which will get you to another rank, same thing if you got a 35 or a 45.

cR system, does it mean that there will be an armoury to buy stuff? Sure this system will have the best fetures of Halo 3 and Halo Reach.

I got inspired from the HC ranks:

I thought that having those in a future Halo game, would make that game have more replay value than the call of duty ranking system.

Guys do you support this or are you against it, please tell me what you think!


I think that everyone no matter what should gain exp. If you play a game, based on your personal play you would get exp to go up. The whole 50% top players I think wouldn’t work.

As well, no matter what game you are playing, boosting will happen. The way the trueskill system works is that the more games you play, the harder it is to rank up. That’s why new accounts in Halo 3 were so rampant. It was the same in Halo 2, Halo Wars, and other games alike that implemented the trueskill system.

I believe that the numbers promote cheating. Yes it was addictive and was very fun to rush for that 50, but I didn’t like the fact that so many people were cheating to get to those ranks. Standby, host botting, modding. All that came because people wanted to get to the top.

It was a very addicting part of the game, I can admit that I played waaaaaaaay too many hours trying to get up in those ranks. I got my 50 in dubs, ts, and mlg @ one point in H3. But I do like the new arena system.

What I don’t like about it though is that it is ONLY SLAYER. I’m an objective player and I miss the H2 days of team objective and the H3 days of CTF Narrows, Pit, and others. I think that if they could incorporate more competitive gametypes into the playlists it would be worth it.

I know i would be down for Oddball, ctf, and assault games. To HELL with stockpile and Headhunter in them, but good ol ball, bomb, and ctf games I would for sure play all the time.

Your ideas are good, but I think they would bring back a lot of bad parts of the previous system. This one makes people cheat less. I’ve only been lagged out 1 or 2 times since the game came out. In H3, or H2… I can’t even count how many times I got host booted or kids used stand by.

Who knows. The ideas are good!

This is just perfect, having a system that reflects both dedication and skill is what would have given Reach the number one spot in most played games over xbl.

But I hope that everyone gets to rank up at the same rate, not like in Halo 3 were a brigadier had to win about 5-10 games in a row till a 50 and a brigadier grade 3 had to win about 30+ games in a row till a 50.

Reach’s Rating system should get rid of boosters and derankers.

Also you said that if i get 4 30s in 4 playlists I get a special Rank, I love the idea!

This seems like a very good idea. They should look in to this. I love Halo Reach’s ranking system but nothing can compare to the feeling I got after I finally got a higher rank in Halo 3.