The Ultimate Comprehensive Feedback Multi-Poll

SPREAD AND BUMP THIS POLL MORE, also put negative reviews on the game in steam if ya got it there, will have more impact cuz poteinal cutsomers will see it

im okay with coatings, but they needs to be for ALL cores and ALL base colors needs to be free

emblems wise bring back the old color system, but for some embelms where it may be an issue like the jhonson chuibi one, disable certin colors so poeple cant make stuff like black face

also, 100XP per game, 25 per win, addtional XP for medals

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Really appreciate the support these polls are getting!


Are you playing on PC? I know there’s some red reticle weirdness there. RR also isn’t for melee range though, it’s whenever you’re on target within range.

When you do. Will you notify us on this post?

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why is this so hard for developers to figure out? battle pass xp works great in cod, destiny 2, and fortnite. Basically every other game besides halo has figured this out perfectly, but 343 cant seem to use existing examples as a template? Im so sick of developers ignoring existing systems that work


Yes, of course! I’m giving it a bit of time for the criticisms to settle


Great work here. Truly commendable. I would like to see a basic color system for free that can applied to any piece of armor, but I would like Armor Coatings to have special designs only that can not be replicated by simply choosing armor colors. Things such as burn marks, scratches, dents, color gradients, speckled designs, you name it. There is plenty of room for special colorings and a basic color system for us to mix and match colors


Might aswel. Comment to show my support and hopefully to get into the top post spot

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The meaning of this is to be able to buy whatever, when you want. But the only thing that prevents you, is that you need to play much, for that sweet sweet cash. And when you have for example earned 100000 cr, you could buy that satisfying helmet.

I love that filosofi because when i mabye have played between 30-60 games, and have enough cash for whatever i want, i have the choice to choose what loot i want.

Glad I agree with the majority on almost all of these. The main one I disagree with the majority on is scope glint, they need to either remove it from all scoped weapons and tone it down on snipers, or remove it entirely.


Since you asked for poll ideas, how about running one on radar. Should the range be increased and by how much in different increments.

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Thank you for doing these multi-polls!

I’m truly surprised “removing highlights (aka outlines) from enemies” doesn’t have a lot more votes. Every person I’ve talked to, and every youtuber I’ve watched all feel that outlines ruin the visual presentation of the game and feel overpowered anyway. Gameplay would be much more interesting without them.

I’m also surprised how many votes are on “keeping the horrid scope flare” but I guess if you combine all the votes from the 3 removal options, overall players want them either reduced or gone.

Poll for that is already in the comments :slight_smile:

My guess is that the fewer votes due to lateness is affecting those polls.

Need to continue with this it’s a great feedback insight tbf

Appreciate it! Had to bump myself now that the devs are back :wink:

Servers and connectivity. It should be like in the MCC were you can filter out servers that are not in your region

Sorry, are you asking for a poll about this?

I think I’m going to include a poll for how to handle the shop too :thinking:

By all means please do. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how bad the game plays when they’re on the wrong servers

Thank you for being productive

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Just trying to make this game all it could be :slight_smile: