The two things to fix it all.

Out of anything that anyone has to say that is bad about Halo 5, I feel like the two things that would make any badness go away is this. It’s so simple. PLEASE. Just remove the kill cams and the Spartans shouting out commands. Then this game will be the Halo we wanted back in 2010. The sprint is fine, so are the boosters. It’s whatever, keep them. Makes it fast paced. Just PLEASE. remove those two things and everything will be alright!! who agrees? If 343 REALLY had it in them. To make up for ANYTHING that they have done wrong. Just remove those two STUPID things. They are NOT Halo! why add those? seriously? NO ONE ASKED FOR THOSE. Or even thought of them! at least sprint crossed out minds time to time back then. But not this…this…was never on our minds 343! lol.

Anyone agree? That if anything could be changed and heard by 343 it would just be those?

I’m fine with callouts. They work fine. Just tone them down for only the important stuff and I’m good. They might as well take out the killcams because they can’t seem to get them right. Or at least just make them optional.

sorry I like both of those, but yeah i agree, making them optional is a fine solution

Sprint isn’t fine. Clamber is idiotic. Ground pound is not needed.

if you think those are the only two things wrong with Halo 5, you’re part of the problem.

I will disagree that those are the only 2 things people don’t like about Halo 5

These aren’t the only 2 things wrong with this game…

Spartan chatter is actually great, killcam is meh.

There’s 2 other problems that if they were to vanish would make Halo 5 amazing.

Fixing these is only a start. I don’t really mind callouts much other than that half of them are useless info like “Pick up a DMR!” like I care about that. Killcams need to -Yoink- though.

The real problems are sprint, SA cooldowns, TTK and bullet magnetism.

Not a bad idea, I don’t like kill cam whatsoever in anything except CoD. I agree with the commands, I don’t know if its what they think will make it more competitive, but I would rather an actual teammate from the mic tell me where someone is than a “Spartan” in the game.