The TU Fix #2 -- Glitches & Nuances

This is a post to highlight changes to Halo: Reach which may be more subtle. Everybody has already given their opinion to 343i on “the big five,” but what is your “SMALL 5”? These changes may just need a slight tweaking, but have plagued multiplayer since it’s release.

1. Melee – When any melee occurs, there is a window of time where a tie happens. In Reach, this window is HUGE. Melee-melee ties and melee-weapon ties are way to common and lead to situations in which a tie shouldn’t happen. This gap should be reduced.

2. Evade – The evade animation is completely delayed. When you beat someone down and roll away from them, the enemy can always score a melee even if you’ve already completed your roll. This happens countless times and is a problem.

3. Grenades – Why do grenades never fly straight? Why do they make your screen shake violently when hit by one? Why are they overpowered? While I agree that these are more realistic, the shaking and twisting of grenades are extremely frustrating to deal with given their randomness.

4. Objective – There is almost zero incentive to play the objective. Give purpose for our love of hills, balls, and flags.

5. Speed – Reach is slower (especially compared with Halo 2) in many aspects then other Halo games. You reload slower, run slower, and don’t jump as high.

Let’s here your SMALL 5 for the TU! I want to see if the community shares the same interests. Feel free to just jot 'em down too…you don’t have to make them as detailed as mine.

Your mom.Session data

  1. fix the crouching start glitch it annoy that you start shooting when u do it.
  2. fix evading with rockets i dont get why they dont go down.
  3. fix stickys iv seen them do u turns and hit people.
  4. fix the booting system i dont like being betrayed 4 times and not being able to boot.
  5. fix the quit ban notification it always pops up in game and is annoying.

1.Fix the evade/rocket glitch

2.Increase speed so that it is like Halo 3. Grenades are overpowered now because you don’t have chance to get away from them with the slow movement and low jump heights. It also makes it very difficult to setup on a map and get to your teamates i time to help them.

3.Remove the banshee from big team and invasion slayer. It is overpowered and there is no way to defend from it when they spawn camp above your base.

4.Fix the problem with evade in which you sometimes go very slow.

5.Get a lot more credits for winning and very few fo losing so that there is an incentive to win.

For the evade things I mentioned, that is only if the TU doesn’t remove armour abilities which it should since they ruined Reach.